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Most of you that are longtimers on here know how my dad and the New York Giants went together like peanut butter and jelly.....well this weekend I took my son up to NY for his first New York Giant game. They are going to start in a new stadium next year and it was important to me to take him where my dad took me.

We stopped at the cemetery first and the Giant flag we put next to the headstone at his funeral was still there. The Giants started off well this year but have been falling apart lately. Connor walked up the gravesite and said "Cappy the Giants could use your help today." It was so cute.

Well I fluctuated between sadness and euphoria all day but Connor's enthusiasm kept me going. What a game! The Giants weren't doing too well in the first quarter and Connor took out my dad's hat that we gave him after the Giants won the Superbowl and put it on for "luck". Well, the Giants turned it around and whipped Dallas' butt and after the game Connor looked at me and said "I think Cappy heard us!"

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