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Stay "Cause Agnostic" RE: Bryant Gumbel post


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*In response to the Bryant Gumbel thread and views on the LC Stigma


The great thing about LUNGevity Foundation is that we are "cause agnostic".

Doesn't matter why you got lung cancer- we are focused at working to find a cure for it.


Lots of other organizations spend their resources on ads featuring never smokers- going for the shock and awe affect, or they spend their money on anti-smoking commercials or campaigns, not here. We are focused at working to find a cure for it. And for myself, my mission is to offer support to those affected by it.

I hear the smoking question at least 3-4 times a day.

A couple of nights ago I received a support call from a husband who's wife was just diagnosed. He was devestated and crying and asking all the questions people ask when their lives are turned upside down.

And he asked me. Why? What caused this? HIs wife is 44, prev. in great health, not a drinker or a smoker....He wanted a reason why. He was shocked this could even happen to them.

I let him know that sometimes there isn't a reason and sometimes there are many reasons- lung cancer can affect anyone whether they have risk factors or not. I let him know that more and more people under 50 were being dx. and that even if you did smoke- you deserved support, excellent medical care, treatment options and a chance at survival.

I never once asked him if his wife had a smoking history.

I let him know how prevelent lung cancer is. I let him know they weren't alone. I let him know all about us here at LCSC and I let him know that people are living with and surviving LC.

That's what he needed to hear.

People need to know how common LC is.

People need to know anyone can get LC.

People need to know about the lack of funding and treatment options.

People need to step up and help us change those statistics.

Stay "cause agnostic".

Let the other numerous groups focus on prevention campaigns and anti-smoking campaigns and marketing ploys and gimmicks.

For us, it's simple. We are tired of losing people to LC. We want to find a cure for it.

Outrider is right- don't play into the stigma.

Make LC real, educate those that don't understand and support each other.

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A few years ago a friend recommended to an acquaintance of mine to contact me. She had been diagnosed with LC. I met with her and her husband and shared lots of info, resources, all that I could. The husband finally said that his wife had stopped smokinng years before. I pointed out that I had NEVER even mentioned smoking in the 2 hours we spent together. Why do people get lung cancer???? Because people have lungs. That's it! And dam* those who want to make it otherwise.


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