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Morning All! It's not noon yet. I'm limping along like probably everyone. Want to stop Christmas decorating and just go with what I have done. I'm tired and am running out of room to put things.

I did most of my shopping online this year. The visit to Wendy over Thanksgiving was supposed to include Christmas shopping. That went well--not. With her in the hospital half the trip and recooperating at home the rest of it, no shopping got done.

I want to make all this work worthwhile and our normal company from dinner will be away. Maybe we'll get it together to have a few friends in for nibbles and drinks Christmas week. We'll see.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Judy,

It's cold (37 degrees) and rainy here in North Carolina. I think I'm done with my Christmas shopping, just have a lot left to wrap yet. Have to get 2 boxes mailed - one to New Jersey and one to a friend of my daugter's who is stationed in Iraq. Today is my husband's birthday so baked him a cake this morning and have a ham in the oven for dinner. This is a crazy month for birthdays. My sister's was the 10th, then my husbands, then our granddaughter's is the 16th and our daughter's is the 19th. Then we have Christmas and then my best friend's birthday is the 30th. Whew!! lol


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Hi all. I had a busy weekend, like always. I bailed out of the 200k ride I had planned for Saturday. It was 38 degrees and drizzling, too miserable outside for a long ride, so I went fishing........LOL.

That sounds funny, but when it's cold and damp outside, I have a lot easier time staying warm in the boat than on the bike. Fishing was slow, but I did gather a couple of bags of pecans afterward.

Today, a friend and I did a 100 mile ride. It was 42 with a thick fog when we started this morning, and I was pretty chilly the first miles, but it ended up sunny and 71 degrees this afternoon, a great day for a bike ride.

I didn't get my grocery shopping duties done this weekend. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

Judy and Paulette, when I was growing up, April was birthday month. My mother and father's birthdays were both on the 3rd, mine on the 5th, and my sister's on the 22nd.

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