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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Desktop weather says mostly cloudy but the sun's shining outside my window off and on. Can't complain. It's 75 degrees with an expected high of 81.

Thanks Paulette and Bud and others who are helping keeping the Air alive while most of us are busy with Christmas plans.

Funny, isn't it, how family birthday's tend to cluster. Reproduction times programed in our genes???? LOL

Bud you keep on keeping on. That 71 degrees was your reward for chancing it.

As for fishing, I used to be an avid fisherwoman years ago. Then I found out when I moved back to KW that I get very sea sick in the ocean. I only ocean fished once when I lived here in 64 and was sick all day. We were poor then and mostly fished the bridges. Loved it loved it loved it! My most exciting catch was a tarpon. It was more than 5 ft and I had to work it from the middle of the bridge down an embankment to the shallows. It got loose in the last seconds and my husband's Navy Chief who was talking me through it, scooped it up onto the rocks. He wasn't going to let me lose it after all that work. My husband had gone off down the other way on the bridge and the Chief wanted him to see it. When we moved back North, we usually had a small boat my husband restored and for awhile even fished with a small electric motor on a canoe. Much fun.

Well, I need to get to work. Yesterday wasn't a great day. I was naseous and feeling punky pretty much all day. Managed to straighten up and put unused Christmas decorations away. I decided I'm done.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday. My mind is "out there" sometimes. My desktop weather says it's currently 33 degrees but since I'm in a warm house with no plans to go anywhere to day I don't care. Just as long as it doesn't snow which there's no word of yet. But then, up here where I live the weather is always a surprise because they can never truly predict it.

Turns out my baby girl kitten, Randy is actually a baby boy! After getting mauled all over my hands and arms I finally found out the truth. Well, he's just going to have to get used to the pink collar huh? It has a little bell on it which helps let me know where he is so he can't get into too much trouble. From what I'm told about male cats it's important to have them spayed before six months of age because they tend to spray things to make their territory and it's stinks badly, so I'll make sure that's done asap. ewwwwwwwww

I had a dear friend come visit me yesterday during one of my bad spells. When she heard my voice on the phone she flew over to cheer me up. What a wonderful thing to have a friend like her. I have always felt she was a gift from God and I still do :) Lucky me!

I'm hoping to get the "phone call" this week for that job. My son thinks it's too soon for me to go back to work, but I had already pull the wheels in motion you might say. Besides, since I don't leave the house much it might be a good thing for me. Seems all I do these days is Cafe world of FB and fertilize my friends crops.

No Christmas decorations this year. Can't bring myself to do it, but my son and I will have a nice dinner with honey ham. Another one of my son's favorites.....he sure has a lot of favorites doesn't he?

I sure miss Lily....I hope she reaches her destination soon. All that train traveling much be boring. I wonder....is she afraid to fly? I forgot to ask about that.

Well, have a good one my friends and enjoy your day :)

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Good morning, Judy and Michelle! Good morning, everyone! It was 49 degrees with a stiff south wind this morning, with a high forecast of 71, so I rode my bike to work. They're calling for a front to move in this afternoon, with the wind changing to the north. I ride almost straight north to work, then back south to get home. So, today has a chance of being one of those rare tailwind-both-ways days. I'm on tired legs after yesterday's 100 mile ride, so that would be welcome.

I hope you're feeling better today, Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Michelle, I think it's a hoot that your new furbaby is really a guy...with a pink collar. See, another good reason for choosing the name Randy. Hey...it's perfectly acceptable for guys to wear pink...especially when we're talking about collars.

It's an overcast, dreary, hot day here today. It's in the mid-80's and I just hate that at this time of year. Of course, if I really want cold weather, I should move away from Florida. Moving wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing except for the fact that my family is here and the housing market took a nosedive and I would have to take a huge loss on my house.

I'm just trying to muddle through the next few days, as they are the hardest ones of the entire year for me. I just can't wait to turn those calendar pages and see January.

I think I finished the last of my shopping over the weekend. All of our stores were very busy, which must be a good sign for the economy. I got really upset yesterday afternoon, while trying to get gift boxes for free shirts. We have a nice store here in Florida that always offers free gift wrapping. Usually, I take advantage of that service but I was in a hurry yesterday and the lines were long. But, I did need boxes. I went to the gift wrap area and there were 6 people ahead of me. There was only one woman wrapping, so I waited until she turned toward me and kindly asked her if she could just give me the three boxes and I would wrap my things at home. Well, she looked at me like she was very disgusted that I had even asked such a thing, and proceeded to tell me that I would have to wait until my turn, after she had wrapped everyone's things, and then she would give me the boxes. I was seeing red!!! I just turned around and left!!!

So, anyone else having any happy ho-ho-ho shopping tales????


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Good Morning everyone.

I had a great trip Michelle and to answer your question, Yes flying scares me but I do love riding the train too. It is a lot nicer now that I spend the extra and get a sleeper. Sense flying has gotten so expenisive and so much of a hastle rail traffic has picked up. Train is always full and now the freight is slow so we were right on time the whole trip. Meals came with my roomette too so I could have what I wanted and not worry about the cost it was all paid for.

I had a great visit with my cousins in Bakersfield and was just a little leary about that ride on the bus across the Grapevine, for those of you who don't know that is the mountain pass between the valley and LA, it can be pretty hairy at times, very steep and a lot of trucks. At least it didn't snow and close the pass again it was just really foggy,

I arrived here yesterday about noon. My daughter and three of my grandchildren and one of my daughter in laws met me. I am at my daughters this morning., My grandson and his girlfriend are taking me to New Orleans today to have steak at Houston's. I have never been there so it will be a real treat. I just hope it doesn't rain as much as they say it will. Right now it is just fog but everything is so wet. What a difference between here and where I live. We had a bad drought but I understand it is finally raining.

Ann I know tomorrow and today are rough. I know too that once that aniversary day passes it does get a little easier. I was so glad when mine passed. I can't believe it still gets so bad after 7 years but it does.

I got some news while waiting in LA to board my train. My granddaughter called me. It seems that in August Caroline will have a little brother or sister. They will be down here in a couple of days to spend Christmas. Her husband will be deployed again in May. She says she will stay up there in Kentucky but I really think she will change her mind when it is time for the baby to be born.

Has anyone heard from Marisa or about her? I am really worrried and being out of touch does make it harder.

Well I have to run and check email and facebook. I shoud do my fitness routine too but not sure I will today. I am trying to finish the gingerbread houses for my kids families and my daughter thinks when she shows the other teachers they will all want one. I think it will have to be for next year though.

I hope the weather clears in a few days.I am still hoping to get a chance to catch some fish but I think that I missed the best part of the season. The reds are still biting but the specks are probably done. Oh well if nothing else at least I can eat some of what they put in the freezer.

I will check back when I get a chance. Ann I have my cell phone and we are on the same time zone now. If you need to talk give me a call.

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So glad you made it safely and you didn't have to go thru snow! They keep saying snow is on the way here, but not yet. Just thin layers of ice across my swimming pool. It is cold though.....I've even been wearing my husbands thermal underwear LOL

Nope, haven't heard from Marissa or even Carleen. I've sent them pm's to see how their both doing during the holidays but haven't heard back. I hope and pray all is well with them. It's hard when someone just suddenly disappears from the board and I worry so much about them. My prayers will continue of course and I hope they return soon.

Enjoy the time with your family my friend. You'll have to email me your cell number again. My mind is just crazy these day.

My thoughts and prayers and with you and Ann now as well. I know this is a hard time for you ladies. Wish we could all get together!

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Good afternoon all. Thought I would pop in on my lunch hour. I have learned a valuable lesson I want to tell everyone about.

First let me say we are finally back up in 40 degree weather no more freezing temps during the day at least.

Well Yesterday I baked with my dad and was in a huge deal of pain when I got home. I took a hot bath and went directly to the heating pad. I though I woud sleep with it on low and surely I will wake up if it gets to hot. Ummmm yeah no I did not. So sometime in the middle of the night I rolled over on to my stomach and "my girls, both of them" are burnt :roll: Not bad but just enough to be uncomfortable next time I will listen to my mamma when she says dont fall asleep with that on lol

Anyways hope yall have a great day

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