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Missing and Remembering My Dennis


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My dear friend Ann.....I wish I could help you. I wish that we could all get together in the same place and have one BIG hug...many many. And let's not forget the we'll need cases of kleenex! I myself am in such a sad place and I want so very much to help others. In a way, it helps me too ya know?

My son has a call into my doctor right now due to my multiple meltdowns. I'm terrified out of my mind thinking they are going to simply put a white wrap around jacket on me and toss me into a padded room. If you don't hear from me, you'll know why :(

God help us................please find a cure?

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My loving thoughts and prayers are with you all....all of us who have lost our loved ones. I'm so grateful that we have each other here or it would be sheer hell for us. I love each and every one of you....and I pray every day for all of us.

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