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How long before blood pressure meds kick in?


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I need an answer to this ? by Monday

I have been on Tarceva/Avastin for the past year & haven't had any major problems with it until now.

My blood pressure had been creeping up so a couple of months ago onc. put me on Lisinopril 40mg. Told me to take half in a.m., half in p.m. so that was fine with me.

When I went Fri. for my every 3 weeks Avastin my b/p was 157/95. He says lets wait for a little while & see if it drops. Next reading was 155/100 which was worse!

At that time he says 'no treatment today as you could stroke out or have a heart attack" but he put me on hydrochlorot 25mg to be taken in a.m. Also told me on Monday am to take the whole Lisinopril instead of half pill.

I also have to monitor at home until I go back Monday. So far I have only been able to get down to 87 & that was only once. Rest of the time it has been over 90. I take the med. around 8am & then do b/p around 10am, 3pm & 8pm.

Does anyone know how long after taking the b/p med. it will take for it to lower my numbers? I hate not getting my Avastin but would sure like to know when to take these in order to have a number low enough to get the treatment. Appt. scheduled for 11 a.m.

Any info much appreciated.


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Thanks Calintay......

Would you believe that another doctor was on duty today (& my bp was 155/93 which was only a couple of points below last time when they refused treatment) & she gave the go-ahead.

I got up at 7 and took the meds. figuring they would kick in by 11. It may be that my new normal is just going to be these numbers.

Well, I'm done with it until 3 weeks from now so will relax until then.

Enjoy your Christmas......Creekgirl

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Sorrry I just saw this today. I am one of those few people who had raging HBP on Avastin. The first time I reported the excruciating headaches with it, they rushed me to an MRI. So I stopped reporting. Unfortunately I was near stroke-out when my PCP got me in his office. Don't mess with HBP. It can be very dangerous. My PCP, with the blessing on my onc, worked with increasing dosages until he had it fairly level so I could stay on the Avastin everyone wanted me to take. Unfortunately, it required 100 mg Toprol twice a day, 60 mg of Micardis 2x a day and 10 mg Norvasc 2x a day. Lisinopril didn't work at all. The combination of the chemo and BP meds caused some serious fatigue but I managed to stay on Avastin for a year. Don't get discouraged with the numbers but it may take more than one and increasing dosages.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

Judy in Key West

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Judy you are to darn smart :wink: Many increases and changes in medication before you find what works for you. What works for you today or tomorrow might not be what works for you in a year. So hang in there.

Yes each Dr is so different with there protocols. I am glad you were able to have your treatment though that is fantastic.

Merry Christmas!


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