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An annual Christmas Wish


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Many here do not know of Dean Carl. He was one of the founding members here and a man gifted with words and kindness and insight and wisdom. I was not a member when this was posted, but upon knowing him here, I went back and read every one of his posts. This one I find especially meaningful and have posted it each year since I've been here. It is a much better Christmas with than I could ever come up with. So in memory of that wonderful man, I post it again for all this year.



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Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 3:07 pm Post subject: My Christmas Wish List


When I was a kid I used to give my folks a Christmas wish list each year. We weren’t rich by any means, but some how some way a lot of what I wished for I got. So, in that spirit, here’s my “wish list” for this Christmas:

My Christmas Wish List.

For the newly diagnosed and those who have recently had a recurrence: May your fears be calmed, your strength renewed and your hopes be realized.

For those in the midst of the battle: May your determination never falter and your days be filled with victory.

For those who have lost loved ones: May your memories bring joy rather than pain and your days be filled with the spirit of those who have touched your lives.

For those in remission: May your joy fill the lives of those around you and be a light for those that follow.

For those who are nearing the end of the fight: May you find the courage to walk the path you are on and to see the glory in each new day.

And for everyone who has so touched my life since I found this place: Whatever your situation, where ever you are may this Christmas season bring you all that your heart desires.



9/21: dxd Squamous Cell Carsinoma (malignant). Stage IIIa. Mets to lymph nodes in and around RT lung. Tumor blocking airway to RT lung. Partialy colapsed RT lung. Diagnosis confirmed by bronchoscopy

10/6: Bone scan. Results: Negative

10/19: Testing done. Cancer in-operable (heavy involment of mediasternal lymph nodes), incurrable (maybe ).

Decided on no chemo or heavy radiation. I'm going to live life while there's life to be lived, one glorious day at a time!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. (George Carlin)

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Such a beautiful wish list from a man I will never forget. Dean Carl was one of the most inspirational people I've ever read. He was so in touch with what is really important in life and he communicated his feelings so well. He touched my heart and soul with his words on many occasions. Kasey, thank you for being you and for sharing this list with us , from you and Dean Carl... Merry Christmas to you Kasey and to all my family here at lcsc.



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Thanks for the memories. I remember when Dean posted his Christmas list, such an inspiration; coach and cheerleader. He always had such a nice way of kicking someone in the butt, reminding them of their blessings no matter their hardships. I sure do miss him...



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Your thoughtfulness in reposting Dean Carl's "Christmas Wish List" gives all of us a chance to see perspective in where we are.

Thank you for all your most thoughtful and very warm postings, Kasey.

I am fortunate to have seen this, on this particular Christmas morning.


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