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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Went MIA yesterday and see I missed a nice chatty Air. Sorry about that. When I have paperwork to do, I have to get right to it. I usually stay on it for too long because I don't want to drag it into the next day. Bills and stuff done so I can shop today when I go into town for my finger prick. Ann, like Dennis, I always seem to have a couple of things to get last minute. Think I like the bustle but not on the VERY LAST day anymore. I hope this year, today will be it.

It's chilly, I know because my husband had the little heater on this morning. I always think of you Ann because I know you just happy happy happy. Me, not so much so.

I broke my rule and went and tended my farm in FV already this morning. It was a mess since I was busy elsewhere yesterday. Oh yes, I still have all the packages to wrap. See ya later.

Judy in Key West

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Judy, I always think of you when it's cold here and I wonder how cool it is in KW. I know you don't like the cooler weather, so I always hope that it's still warm way down south. I heard the forecast this morning and today is supposed to reach the mid 60's and then, a warming trend begins. By Christmas day, it's supposed to be 80 here and KW should be at least 5 degrees warmer. It's just really hard to get that warm feeling about things like snowmen, hot chocolate, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, when it's 80 degrees outside. Maybe I'll close the blinds and turn down the air conditioner....think that would work?

For a few days now, I have been contending with this scratchy throat at bedtime and in the morning. It feels like I'm coming down with a nasty sore throat, but as the day goes on it feels better. So, if my body is trying to fight something off, I sure hope it wins!

I got good news yesterday from my boss. If things are slow today, we will be closed tomorrow in addition to Thursday and Friday! You have no idea how much I still have to accomplish before Christmas Eve and that extra day off would really make me feel great!!!

I hope everyone is having a great day today! If anyone is too cold, just come on down for a visit.


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