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Not sure if this is cancer related or not. My daughter's neighbor just came over and asked if we know anything about blood clots. Her dad has a blood clot in his lung and last night they found one in his leg. No indication as to what caused them and the clot is all that shows on the CT scan. So far all they are doing for him is blood thinners in the hospital.

Does this sound right? Does anyone know anything about this kind of thing? I am sure I may have seen a post about blood clots at one time but just can't seem to remember. Any info will be appreciated.

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To me it sounds about right. Blood clots can be caused by many different things. They may or may not investigate what could of caused it i.e. recent surgery, recent travel, recent trauma many things. I am assuming he is on something like Lovenox or Coumadin now and will be having blood draws regularly to check his PT/INR? Feel free to chime in any one else I am sure I have missed something :P

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