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Morning All! Thanks for yesterday's Air guys. This is when I think I'm really losing it--I could have sworn I did Wednesday's Air lol.

Infusion went well. They're keeping my Decadron down some because of the eye issue but was still wired last night. Kept the kid up instead of the other way around until I remembered to take an Ativan. He didn't seem to mind.

Dominick Christmas gift came about 3:30 pm. The wind's been blowing since he was here so he's kept himself busy fishing off our dock. He is a fishing fool. He feeds some of the small fish to the egret. We also fed a huge manatee and then he saw a young one.

The computer was a bit of a bear setting up. It was o.k. after we realized it had no wireless card and had to move everything into another area with direct cable plug in. Best part of the night is when Dominick tackled the directions and got his new wireless keyboard working. I didn't have the patience with all else I had to do and just plugged in an extra corded one I had. He was really psyched when he did that. He's only eleven.

Got to go order movie tickets online for Alvin and the Chipmonks. A party in the even. Looks like it stacks up to be a good day.

Have a happy New Year's Eve all.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone!

It was 40 degrees and mostly cloudy when I first checked outside this morning. They were calling for a chance of rain. There was nothing on radar, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't misting before putting on all my cycling stuff. It was just mostly cloudy, with the blue moon trying to shine through an opening in the clouds, so I went ahead and did this year's last commute by bicycle.

The north wind is supposed to pick up, and we have an increased chance of rain or snow this afternoon. I'm getting off work at noon, so I'm hoping I make it home before any wet stuff starts falling.

Happy New Year's Eve, all!

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It's a nice morning here on Florida's Space Coast. The temperatures today are supposed to reach 77. It's nice this morning but the clouds are beginning to roll in and we are supposed to get a lot of rain this afternoon and into the evening. Much cooler temperatures are following the rain in and we have highs in the low 60's for an entire week.

We had a nice New Year's evening planned but, because of this darned cold I have, my evening is probably going to be a nice evening at home. We were supposed to go to a friend's house for dinner tomorrow but I don't want to risk being contagious, so we'll pass on that too. That's a real disappointment, as this friend is from Georgia and she always does an authentic southern meal on Jan. 1st! Boo-hoo!

I hope all of my friends from the MB have a safe, happy New Year's eve.

My thoughts and prayers age going out to Sharon and her family today.


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