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First CT!!! Yaayyy!!!


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Hello Everyone!!

My first set of blood work has gone through and the Hospital just called me saying my first CT will be this Saturday morning!! I'm so excited!! It's nice that things are moving relatively quickly!!! I'm thinking that very soon after the CT I'll be booking my surgery!! This is just hopeful thinking, I can't wait until this is over and I'm recovering.

Just 2 more days!! I'll let you know the results when I find out.

In my case, if it hasn't spread, I'll only need this surgery and I should be cured!!!!

I'm trying to stay positive, as every tummy ache, or dizzy spell I worry myself that it's spread, in which case I heard chemo and radiation aren't effective for my type of cancer.

For now, I'll just tell myself it's just the one tumour, and to be excited because the surgery will be over quick and i'll be lucky just coming out with a scar!

I'm going to get all dolled up and sing some songs with my piano... I've seemed to have gotten myself a little bit worried again. This will make me feel better.

I'll let you know the results when I find out!!

Sincerely, Melanie

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In your "signiature history" thingy, I LOVE when it says,

"when praises go up, blessings come down" that's so true and it was so nice reading that! Just thought I'd mention it, and I'll keep sending praises His way and hope for more blessings all around! :D

Sincerely, Melanie

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