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Freaking out about first CT tomorrow


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Sounds like stress. Do you know how to do any relaxation exercises? Deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery? A little late to suggest a Rx for a little anti-anxiety meds.

Will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow - best outcome!

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Sounds like anxiety. Just try to relax, concentrate on breathing in and out (and cry in the shower so no one knows).

CT scans require a contrast dye, there will be a needle involved. Wouldn't want that to be an unpleasant surprise, I hate needles.

Take it easy, be kind to yourself. It's the beginning, but your roller coaster has already popped over that first and biggest hill and the terror of descending the longest drop. You'll acclimate, a sad fact, but something to look forward to. The hills and valleys will get smaller, but they'll still be there.

Good luck!

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Hi Everyone!, Thanks so much for your support!!

I had my first CT today, and it went very well. Easy-Peasy!

Snowflake, I didn't get your message befor the procedure, but thank you so much for giving me that heads up! I always like to know what to expect befor I go in for anything.

It wasn't that bad though! I'm finding myself more at peace now that it's over. I'm not worrying about the results right now, because I'm starting to accept that it's already done, and no amount of worrying will magically change them.

Thanks so much guys, I'll let you know my results when I find out.

Sincerely, Melanie

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