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Losing Weight & Donating to LUNGevity!


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Hi everyone,

I apologize for being super quiet lately, I do read & think of you all!

I was offered an amazing opportunity to do an internet based weight loss reality show with Shay from the Biggest Loser!!! In an effort to "pay it forward", I am donating $10 for every pound I lose during the 6 week period to LUNGevity.

Here is a link to the details of what I will be doing.


If you want to watch, you can check back to the link above or friend me on Facebook, all details will be there.


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This is SO awesome!!

Be sure to look for andrea and news of this challenge on the LUNGevity website, on FaceBook and Twitter and it's being video taped as well- but I'm not sure where it's airing yet.

We are SO PROUD OF YOU Andrea!!!

If you would like to donate to encourage Andrea's success, match the donation pount for pound or just send well wishes and prayers- all of that will be greatly appreciated!!

Remember that LUNGevity is a non profit organization began by lung cancer survivors. All those working/volunteering with LF has been touched by lung cancer in some way as well. LF is the only foundation exclusively funding lung cancer specific research and THEY match every donation dollar so that your donations are DOUBLED and ALL go to research. Rated the highest score for sound fiscal management from Charity Navigator and simply run by the most awesome, caring folks in the world if I should say so myself!!

Let's cheer Andrea on and wish her much success!!!!!

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