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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 32 degrees here this morning, with light south winds and a forecast high of 51. That's not exactly balmy, but it's the warmest day we'll get this week, so I rode my bike to work.

When I arrived at work, there was unseen ice on the ramp leading up to the shop door near my office. I think I invented a new olympic sport: ice skating backwards while walking a bike. I didn't fall, so I think I did well in the event. I gave myself a 9.0. I think my form was perfect, but I took off 1 point for the grimace on my face.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Morning temps still dropping in KW--52 degrees at 7:30 am but sunny skies. Temp in my living area--64 degrees without Stan here to start the space heater!

Bud you are a trouper, that's for sure. And that pic of you trying to get the bike to it's final parking area started my day with a smile. You are an Olympic champ!

It's a new day. I'm telling myself that alot this year. Brewed coffee instead of tea and will tackle that bookkeeping today for sure. No plans to go anywhere until tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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You be careful on that ice, Bud! We don't need any bad news on the Air!

Judy, I watched the Weather Channel for a while last night and they did a lot of in depth coverage about the temperatures in KW. OF course, I was thinking about you. They showed a lot of the local bars and restaurants that offer mainly outside seating and they all looked like they were in the middle of a ghost town! They also talked about how windy it has been in KW and how this is making it feel colder than a lot of other places in the state. When they started talking about "Ocean effect snow" I really took notice!!! It seems that Tampa is where that is likely to happen. Like I've been saying...if we have to get the cold, then throw in some snow to make it memorable! The people where I live have a hard time driving when it rains, so I can only imagine what an inch or two of snow would do...lol!

Day 8 of my cold and I'm steel feeling lousy! Hopefully I'll get better while I can still remember what it feels like to feel good!

Becky Snowflake....I have my suitcase packed and waiting for the big blue bus to pick me up. Who else is ready to run away to Hawaii and visit Ned?

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Its winter in Nebraska

And the gentle breezes blow

Seventy miles an hour

At thirty five below

Oh,how I love Nebraska

When the snow's up to your butt

You take a breath of Winter

And your nose gets frozen shut

Yes,the weather here is wonderful

So I quess I"ll hang around

I could never leave Nebraska

I'm frozen to the ground

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I loved the Nebraska poem, is that an original?

Bud, you are amazing.

Ah, the cold air in Florida, you will be back in your bikinis by next week while us northerners will still be wearing our snuggies.

Judy, you have had a tough week. Hope it turns around and you only get happy news.

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Bud, you do realize that a lot of injuries aren't caused in the landing but in preventing one? I hope you didn't pull anything in your retro-disco movements, attempting to stay upright....

Judy, put on another pair of socks and use a third pair as mittens. Keep wrapped up in a blankie and stay out of the wind.

Ann, if you're sick and riding my bus, you'd better be wearing a mask. Gave up fighting with my doctor's office to get a flu shot, so I'm susceptible and not looking forward to the possibilities.

Ginny, nice to see you're packed and ready to roll, too.

Weather here consists of white stuff falling from the sky, slick stuff staying on the surfaces and Snowflake hiding out in layers whenever possible... Crazy freakin' weather...

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Bud you made me laugh today - and reminded me of my very first day as a teacher - walking into the school and falling on my bum on a patch of slush!

Beatlemike - I LOVED your poem - I would love to see Nebraska some day - but tell me - when is a safe month to visit and miss the snow?!

All you Floridians - I am so sorry you are experiencing this cold weather - and very thankful I didn't plan a vacation there this winter :lol:

It is 28 here today and I have NO plans to go out in it! I think I will take down the tree instead.

Can't wait to get to Hawaii!!! As a non-flier I thought I would never get the chance - thanks Becky Snowflake!

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