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Friday's Air


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Morning All! After alll my screw-ups lately, I stop and check myself several times before I say what day's Air it is lol. Was thrilled this morning that it was 57 instead of 52 in KW. Not much warmer in my house than other mornings but you can't have everything. Also, the sun isn't shining very brightly but the wind has died down. I hope we're on the up from this weather thing but it says we'll not be coming out of it for another week!!!!

I'm up late this morning because I couldn't sleep last night. It seems the more active I am, the more difficulty I have sleeping. I started out at 10:30 am yesterday and didn't get home til 4 pm. I rested awhile and got up and did some chores around the house before I started to bed the first time. Decided I wasn't tired enough so got up and watched TV. Went to bed at 11 and tossed and turned for more than an hour. Glad I slept til 8 am this morning.

Need to get in gear now. Have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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Judy...don't you even worry one little bit about not knowing what day it is when you open the windows and let the Air begin!!! If you were all organized and "with it" the rest of us would feel very uncomfortable and out of place...lol!

It's a bit warmer here today, also. But....the rain is supposed to hit here around 3:00 today and it's all downhill after that. Out high for tomorrow is supposed to be 42!!! Snow and/or sleet may hit our area between 9-10 tomorrow morning! My son is going to have the grandbabies up and dressed, in case a few flakes come falling down! Everyone around here is all excited at even the prospect of seeing snow!

This will be a great weekend to make some soup or chili! I'll add some cornbread and I'll be all set! But, if Becky's Magical Bus shows up, you can forget all about the soup!!! I'll be drinking....but not soup!!!

Hope everyone has a great day and is all ready for the trip to Hawaii!!!

Look out, Ned....here we come!!!!

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 17 degrees with a 25 mph north wind when I got up this morning. That put the wind chill below zero, for the first time here in quite a few years. They're calling for a balmy 29 degrees as a high for the day.

Lots of CNC equipment in a uninsulated shop doesn't like this extreme weather, so there will be no chance of me getting caught up at work today.

Stay warm, Judy. I hope you get to see some snow, Ann. Have a great day, all!

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We had a light dusting of snow last night - and I was dreaming of Florida but ladies it may even be too cold down there. Cold will be alright for the weekend - it is after all the first play off weekend - can't wait to wear my "star" shirt tomorrow night.

Here's hoping the weather turns warm soon!!


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Katie, I don't believe in that saying "no pain, no gain." I love my total gym and always look forward to doing it EXCEPT when I'm hurting which has been lately. I think with me it's either the chemo or the cold or a combo of both. If I were you, I'd drop back on some of the stuff that's really hard and move up slowly. You are more apt to do something if it's not giving you pain. I feel for you girl.

Been listening to old music on the TV today. It's doing alot for my spirits. Thanks for reminding me of my workout I haven't done yet Katie lol.

Judy in Key West

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Just stopping by from Iceberg Louisiana to say hello. It is some of the coldest temps in years! The coldest I ever saw it here was on January 9, 1962 and I think it is trying to recreate those days.

Anyway I will have access to a computer for a few days so will be in touch. I am pretty much just chilling (do you get it?) right now. Decided not to do any more sewing until I get home. I sure have a hard time just relaxing though. I am enjoying my family but I am getting very homesick. I miss my computer my car my dog my friends my bed my easy chair and my routine not exactly in that order but close.

No Ann I have only been to two resturants in New Orleans but a couple here. My son cooks like a chef too, actually both my sons and my son in law are good cooks as well as my daughter so eating hasn't been a problem, trying not to has!!!

I did hear from Marisa's husband and her sister. She got home yesterday. I am hoping to hear from her soon. Michelle I do miss all of you but for now my internet time is sparatic most of the time. Soon I will be home and you will all be tired of my. Take care and try not to freeze. If Snowflake drives that bus by here we could all ski over on the ice that is in everyones bones, if not she could pick me up in warm California, can you believe it is warmer there by 30 degrees than it is in the South?

Well I need to spend some time with my daughter so will be back on sometime tomorrow. Keep warm everyone.

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"KatieB"]Bud told me to find something I "like"...well, I don't like anything!! Nadda. Zip.

Hang in there, Katie! At least you are trying to move toward a healthier lifestyle at an earlier age than I did. Keep trying. You'll eventually find the right activities and schedule to work for you. But it's never easy. It certainly wasn't for me. With my bad back, I didn't have too many exercise choices when I finally decided to exercise. I can't even do a brisk walk for very long without my back hurting.

For most of my adult life, I didn't lead a very healthy lifestyle at all. My father had died of a heart attack at 54, his father died of a heart attack at 48, and I always just assumed that I would have no old age. And I did a great job of leading a high stress life. I worked as a field service technician. I went to machine shops where their own maintenance people couldn't fix the problem, and with everybody watching and anxiously waiting, was expected to wave the wand, work miracles, and get everything fixed quickly. I traveled and ate fast food like it was going out of style.

My second income came from my software site. After working all day, I would spend the evening at home on my pc or at a motel on my laptop (if I was traveling), jacked up on the caffeine and nicotine that I loved, working until midnight or 1:00 am programming with Visual C++. In case all that wasn't enough stress, I spent the weekends competing in bass tournaments at a fanatic level.

Some time after I passed 50, I slowly started to get the thought in my head that I would really like to stick around a little bit longer. But it took a while to change. In September 2002, I changed jobs, going to work for a local company that stopped the traveling. In the 7+ years since then, I've eaten lunch out less than 10 times total, on work days. I started slowly ramping down the software business.

It was August, 2003 when I finally got around to quitting the cigars, cold turkey. At that point, I was already about 15 pounds overweight, and I quickly added 25 more pounds. The often heavy machine shop work I had been doing for so long kept good muscle tone for me, but had also cratered discs in my back, and hadn't done anything to help me keep in aerobic shape. And, it turned out, it was more the caffeine and nicotine (and youth) that had kept the weight off me all those years.

Internet nerd that I am, I researched to find out what aerobic exercise was recommended for someone with a bad back. I only found two recommendations: swimming and a recumbent stationary bike. I didn't want to own and maintain a pool, or do a membership somewhere where I had to drive to swim, so I bought a stationary bike.

I'm here to tell you that a stationary bike is the most boring form of exercise on the planet. I've never been too much of a tv watcher, and even in front of a tv, I just couldn't make myself put in much time on the bike. By September, 2004 I had only lost 5 pounds. It was then that I stumbled across recumbent bicycles, and read about people with bad backs who rode them a lot. I got one, and quickly discovered that I loved riding a bike just as much as I had at 10 years old. At that age, my sister and I ranged far and wide on our bikes, riding all over Oklahoma City (it was a different time; you'd never let kids ride that far today).

In February, 2005 I joined bikejournal.com. I'd already started logging my miles, and I found that setting goals and tracking miles did a great job of making me stay on the bike whenever life kept trying to pull me away from it. I rode just over 5,000 miles in 2005. In 2006, I rode over 5,000 miles again. 2007, a year punctuated by lung surgery on December 20th, was the year I started doing long distance rides, and I ended up with 6,100 miles. In 2008, in spite of surgery recovery, chemo from February to April, and thyroid surgery in June, I ended up with 6,700 miles on the bike. And in 2009, I rode just under 7,500 miles.

Somewhere along the way, I gave up the tournament fishing, spending more time at a slower pace after crappie these days. And I kept trying to improve my nutrition. I still eat too much, and not as much of the good stuff as I should, but I've stayed within 15 pounds or so of what I should weigh, in spite of no nicotine, and almost no caffeine intake now.

And the bike riding isn't all the exercise I do. The core muscle exercises that I started even before I started riding, have helped my back a lot. And when my back isn't too cratered from heavy stuff at work, I also do 15 minutes of dumbbell work. It's all done reclining, or on an incline, so as not to compress my back. Once I was able to start doing it again after surgery, it was those exercise routines that seemed to help the most for getting rid of my lobectomy pain, too. But that's all more like a chore than my riding, and I have a tougher time staying with it as well as I should.

If an old f*rt like me can do it, you can too, Katie! Riding a bike may not be your thing, but if you keep looking, you will find what is.

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Wanna hear something funny? When Don passed in Oct I canceled both of our cell phones. I get a call this morning from Verizon wireless telling me I have $182 balance from November, Well, I ask her which phone and she said it was my husbands. She said thee were calls to Ohio Kentucky, Virginia, Texas and Iowa, Well, I told her that I destroyoed the phone with hammer before I discarded it and canceled it so unless he's calling s girlfriend from heaven so unless they have a collection agency in heaven, they'll l to collect from him.....that was the end of that huh?LOL

Ps No smart remarks from Pat please...I've enough enough

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Judy, whatever day it is I just wanted to mention I love reading the "Airs". I mostly lurk now. I thought I would have to leave this site after my Dad died but never could. Judy, I love your energy! Even on your "not feeling so well" days and you only make five batches of Christmas cookies, have lunch with the neighbors, clean out the refrigerator, go to group and stock the RV, I'm in awe. I'm also impressed by so many other members that ride a bike 30 miles to work, keep up the forum and offer kindness to others.

My Dad's Birthday is today. My days are easier knowing others are still in the fight and there are those who are advocating. Everyone on this board represents courage, strength and faith. I'll keep reading as long as you guys keep writing. Thank you!

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