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Morning All! Woooo Hoooo 57 degress outside, 71 inside this morning. Not much sun to speak of yet but it's still early.

I'm very tired this morning. Cleaning that refrig last night was a big job but am so glad it's done. Oh except for the inside of the door. Maybe I can fit those pieces in the dishwasher. And the four extra pieces from last night? The man's coming home and he'll figure it out. He's very handy that way.

It's a good day to be tired. I'm doing nothing but going to a Garden Club luncheon at the Yatch Club. Not being a member or the Yatch Club, I haven't been there in years. As long as the company and the food is good, I'll be happy. By the way, I've lost five pounds since I started cutting back, four since I went on weight watchers. Been neglecting that site and can't get on now but I'll keep trying.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone!

It's 10 degrees here this morning, but the wind has finally quit. It's supposed to get up to 38 degrees this afternoon.

It's a bit cold out for riding or fishing, so I'm thinking I'm going to go check out the tackle show in Arlington, today. I haven't been in years; it should keep me entertained for a little while.

Have a great Saturday, all!

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It is 8 am here in Minnesota and it is -18 degrees outside my house. Wooooooo I think that is cold enough! The TV says it is even snowing in northern Florida, Wow.

I hope it warms up soon. We are going to a funeral this morning.

Hope all stay warm enough, have a great day.


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I just saw that it is 27 in New Orleans. Anyway spending the day inside today and maybe making cookies with my daughter. My grand daughter wants me to cook but this year it will be only one thing. It is so hard to get everyone together and none of us need so many special things that are fattening this soon after the holidays. I guess we will settle for fried chicken one night and cole slaw.

Michelle cell phones can really cause some hastle. I have Verizon now but before I had to pay to drop companies twice because they didn't work where I lived. I told them if I bought a car I expected it to work no matter where I went. Cell phones should be the same but they are not. It left hard feelings toward both Sprint and Cellular and I won't deal with them again. Cellular is ATT now. I couldn't afford the $400 plus that it cost to drop them but it is well worth it to have a phone that works 99% of the time.

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good morning everybody! It is 21 here today - but the sun is shining and the cardinals are at the feeder and I have no place to go - so it is all good!

Judy, my doctors won't let me lose weight - they say I may need the extra pounds in the future - I LOVE that about my doctors! HAHA!

and Katie - I feel so bad for your son :( I hope it gets straightened out and he gets his "real" first lesson soon!

Welcome Pat!!

I am off to dust and sweep and then sit down with a good book -

have a wonderful day everyone!!

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I'm so sorry you are all so cold. I must admit I was too optomistic this morning. The temp dropped 5 degrees (back to 52) between 8 and 10. I went out anyway, blowing drizzle, yuk but the luncheon was fun. Am even thinking of accepting a invite to go out to dinner. My eyes are starting their burning cycle after chemo and it would get me out of the computer and away from TV--both of which aggravate the condition.

Bud, you and Lily and Janet sound like you have good days planned. Katie, not you so much if you plan on cleaning and refereeing kids. And defintely not you Donna, sorry you have such a sad plan for the day. Welcome Pat, I know you're o.k. on fb. So glad you checked out the Air.

O.k. guys, this has been bothering me for days. Where are you Will? I'm missing you and know you weren't going thru the best of times when you last posted. Don't make me go thru that ardorous job of finding it out in the member search--you're name starts with "W" remember????? Please, if you come on to read, one line that says "I'm good" or "Life sucks right now." O.k.

Judy in Key West

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