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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Temps in the low forties but Stan had the living area toastie when I got up. Sun's shining brightly again and that always makes me feel better.

Notice how many of us gathered around the warm Air yesterday lol. You gotta love winter. Bud, can you share what all the "mad man" research was about? Got to give you credit for fishing in this cold--fishing and catching no less. Ann, I see you women on fb bonding over football and wish I could join in. I tried to get into it years ago but it never caught on with me lol. Ned I laughed out loud at your indorsement of the kindle. As for that support, I'll take a pic of something a friend and I gifted it each other with years ago made just for that purpose. I think it would probably work better with a kindle than it ever did for a book. But you know I'm not the photo queen so it might take awhile before it gets posted lol.

Have a great day everyone. I'll be in my home office most of the day so should be able to pop in and out.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Judy I was just catching up with the bus trip. I am still at my daughters and everyone is returning to school/work today after the weekend off. There is always someone coming or going so I won't be alone for long. I just can't believe that all of these busy kids are my grandbabies!

There is a heavy frost on the ground this morning but I think the temperature is above the 20s this morning. I keep looking at the weather and home and really instead of being envious I am thinking maybe I didn't miss Winter this year. For some reason ( I think it is because of the lack of humidity) the cold in California doesn/t bother me as much.

Ann I bet you are having second thoughts about wishing for some cold weather back in December. I am disappointed because I didn't get the fishing trip I had hoped for while I am here. The second night I spent here it stormed all evening and all night. We had 8 inches of rain and the paper said that the first two weeks of December the rain total to Houma was 25 inches. That is about as much as we have gotten in a year this past few years at home!

Judy I have never been a football fan. Baseball has always been my game but this year I have caught the fever. I am really hoping that the Saints will finally have their year. The fans here never gave up on them even when they went to the games with paper bags over their heads. Now they finally stand a chance of taking it all the way and I will be cheering them on. I even bought a t shirt. I know one thing the people are buying anything that says Saints on it and paying a big price for it.

As for the Manning kid Ann I guess I am predjudiced against him because of his dad. I remember years ago when he played for the Saints. Everytime they lost he found someone else to blame it on. He was the quarterback and never took the blame. Sorry Ann but my dream is for them to meet in the Super Bowl and the Saints to show Archie Manning that a good quarterback makes a difference and he was never anything near what Drew Brees is or even his own sons.

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Still cold, with record breaking lows here in Palm Bay. I think I'm actually getting accustomed to the cold and it's not bothering me as much anymore. I'm still glad we had some cold weather, Lil. My mom used to say that a good cold spell killed a lot of germs that were in the air.

Judy, not everyone has to like the same thing, especially when it comes to sports. I LOVE football, mainly because I have three sons that have been huge football fans since they were little guys. They all started playing football when they were five years old. Hey...what can I say....we start football young in Big Orange Country. (Can you hear me singing Rocky Top?) Also, it's extremely hard to find someone that was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee that doesn't LOVE football! I've been gone for 25 years now and my blood still runs orange!!! Football was just something that was a part of life there and I miss attending the games every season!

Lil...I like you, so I'm going to not even discuss the Manning issue. It's like not discussing politics and religion....just not going to go there. All I am going to say is that I have met Peyton Manning and have followed the careers of both him and Eli over the years. In my opinion, it's a rare thing to find such nice, upstanding young men that are real role models to today's youth.

So, I hope everyone is getting their Monday off to a great start. Hopefully, Becky is mapping oput her route and I will be aboard the big blue bus any day now!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 23 degrees this morning, so the bike stayed in the garage. It supposed to start warming up this week, so I hope to be able to do some commuting on the bike again.

Judy, I was researching bismuth and tin alloys. My retirement business may end up being selling handmade jigs and other lures, and I think I'd like to make them lead-free, considering how toxic lead is. Do we have any metallurgists here?

Have a great day, all!

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morning all - another cold day- 25 - it is going to be a looooooooong winter.

The biggest problem I am having with the cold is that my husband refuses to turn the heat above 60 in the upstairs - which makes it impossible for me to get out from under the warm blankets in the morning! (and by the time I do all the mystery eggs on fb are gone!) BTW my sister gave me an electric mattress pad for Christmas - I highly recommend it!

Ned - loved your reasons for using a Kindle - I just wish they werent so much money.

Bud, I am glad you are researching alternatives to lead - a few years ago I was kayaking and came across a dead loon and a dying loon. I called the area animal rescue and they told me that the loons are all dying of lead poisoning from eating lead sinkers - so sad.

I am not into football either, I just like it when my guys favorite team wins - which they didn't :( But I am a huge Red Sox fan and have discovered that discussing baseball can be worse than discussing politics and religion together!!!

stay warm everyone - I am off to the yarn store to start a new project!!

peace - Janet

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Ladies, forgive me for addressing the man only but I'm on the run (into the shower lol) and have to pass on Stan's info to Bud before I forget it lol. Bud, Stan says zinc is probably the same weight as lead. The only problem he sees is it needs higher temps to melt it. He thinks about 900-1000 degrees for zinc vs about 500 for lead. Sounds like a great idea you have there!

Judy in Key West

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