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Shout Out if You're Already on the Bus!!!


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I'm on the bus.

Been on it for hours and having a ball. Nice to meet everyone even if most of us are in a boozy fog. We'll sober up before long and Becky waits for the end of the day's driving to get into it....she's definately our designated driver :D:D

How long before we get there Becky?


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Sounds like we're overnighting in Florida, I've got your cocktail or ten ready Becky.

These Floridians might think it's cold but it's still warmer than Boston, I think we can take our coats off Becky. Course the alcohol is warming us from the inside out.......ain't life grand!

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I have the blender!!! It took me a few minutes to find it...let me explain. While Lynn, Muriel and I were waiting at Animal Kingdom, I really bonded with an adorable kangaroo. I had my beach towel, my Ipod, my blender and Tanner (my golden retriever) all to keep up with. Well, this adorable kangaroo tried to help me out by putting the blender in her pouch. Thank goodness "Roo" decided to get on the bus with us and I finally remembered to look in her pouch for the blender!!! Oh, FYI, "Roo" is going to be great fun on this trip. She has a great sense of humor and if anyone bugs us, she's got one heck of a kick!!!

This trip is a blast!!! I think this getaway is exactly what we all needed!!!

How many animals do we have on board? No, Randy....party animals don't count. Randy...you're a party animal not an animal animal!!!!

I have Tanner and Roo.

Becky Snowflake...you are doing a great job of maneuvering this big blue bus! I never knew a bus this big could make such a quick turnaround!!!

Let's party......

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I'm not sober enough to dial any numbers, who's sober? Then it's your turn, who ever you are, to dial Katie..........better get a move on Becky's sober and driving so she'll be pissed off if we have to wait and waste beach time in Hawaii.

I'm going to Maui in May - I hope my trip then is this much fun.

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Did we pass Katie's house or is she finally on the bus. Sorry...I've had this blender on auto pilot, making drinks as fast as I can. Also, I'm sharing my seat with Tanner and Roo and I think they've finally become great friends. Bailey and Teddy are having a wonderful time playing fetch with the beer bottles, as they roll down the aisle.

I think everyone is having a blast! Becky is still doing a great job of driving, although I think she may need a relief driver before too many more miles. Any volunteers???

Are we stopping anywhere for a TGIF party tonight? I'm ready!!!

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Oh Ann where are you sitting on this bus...........we've all been having a TGI any day party since we left the frozen north.

Oops, are you the one who's supplying all those good beverages? Better play catch up Ann or you'll be driving the bus!

If we're stopping overnight at Katie's I'll call some friends to help us celebrate (we used to live down the way from Katie's new house). Maybe they'll put the grill on for some good Texas steaks, which would sure beat more fast food.

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This driver is all for a TGI-anyday party, and steak sure would be better than more greasy fast food. I'm all for filling the tank with fryer oil, but no more filling my tank with that crap that came out of the oil. Driving with a tummy ache is no fun, and I can't keep Randy out of the toilet since he read about the evil woman he may meet today. I'm tellin' you, he ain't seen evil if he ain't seen a tummy-achy Snowflake kept from the water closet!

Duck and cover, Katie, here we come! (So am I the only one with a visual of Clark Griswold's loser brother-in-law's RV from "Christmas Vacation"?)

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I can take over for Becky when ya'll get here. Do we have a coffee pot on board? If not I need to pick one up before boarding so I can have fresh coffee all night for the drive. Then when I get relieved I can add some Kahlua to my coffee to relax. Better yet, I will just pact that coffee pot in my duffle before I leave the house.

Sorry Ann, It's raining and drizzling here, so no grillin' outside. But we will think of somethin'.

Let me know when you hit town Becky!


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