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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! 55 this morning, better than under 50. Myself and another lady made phone calls to women who made phone calls etc arranging for a group of us to gather at Geiger Key Marina for lunch. It's right down the road within biking/walking distance but am hoping the chill doesn't keep people from coming. We did this last year and had a dozen women. Could have more this year.

The experiment with the new eye drops is not as positive as I hoped. I do think it thins the secretions somewhat so my eyes weren't stuck "as tight" this morning. The burning tho persists even after reading the paper or 10 or 15 minutes in the computer. I keep telling myself, maybe not burning "as bad." All I know is what can you do when you are sitting down that doesn't involve using your eyes. Maybe I'll take up that whittling idea I had awhile back. Put the strain more on the arthritic hands instead of burning eyes. This too will pass until the next time (next Wed infusion lol).

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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All I have to say today it that it's getting warmer and I'm having a wonderful time on Becky's Big Blue Bus!!!

Oh...have to add that tomorrow is FRIDAY....my favorite day of the week!!! I think we'll have to pull the bus over somewhere and have a TGIF party tomorrow.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 48 degrees here when I got up this morning. Forecasters are calling for a high of only 53, with very heavy clouds and a 30 percent chance of rain, increasing to 50 percent this evening.

The weather radar was clear when I checked this morning, so I hopped on my bike and rode to work. Whether or not I'm still dry when I get back home this afternoon remains to be seen.

Rose started her weekly Taxol on Monday, and by yesterday, wasn't feeling well. You don't think she'd mind if I called her to come pick me up in a downpour, do you?

Enjoy your lunch, Judy! Have a great day, all!

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It iswarner here too. Where is the bus right now?

Judy I know what you mean about needing your eyes. I have always had eye problems and I have nuritis in my hands and probably corpral tunnel. Right now my right hand keeps going to sleep. it doesn't help that I always seem to sleep on my hands.

Speaking of sleeping I had a rough night.My son in law got home yesterday. As I said my grand daughter has a new puppy. He likes to play at night and so she closes the bedroom door so he doesn't disturb her dad. I sleep in her room. That is the problem. They keep the heat set at 70. Their bedroom on the north side and stays cold. Lera's is a much smaller room so it gets allof the heat. At home I set mine at 60 and leave the window cracked. I am also clastraphoboc. It took about 5 minutes for my head to plug up and about a half hour for me to grab my pillow and head out here to the sofa. I finally fell asleep around midnight.

There is always someone here going to the doctor for sinus problems. They don't understand that if they would add covers, turn down the heat and open a window they would probably spend half as much time sick. I won't tell them that. Everyone is different. I don't want them to feel like Iam not comfortable here.

I have to run and get dressed then I will take the puppy out. Fresh air will do us both good.

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Hello everyone! I'm beginning to feel much better now that I flushed all those crazy meds down the toilet. They were actually having a "reverse effect" on my panic attacks.........ughhhhh I have some friends coming over for dinner tomorrow and to visit baby Randy (the monster) so I'll be taking some time today and doing a bit of cleaning. I hate a dirty house....especially when you have visitors.

Weather here is beautiful...I can't believe it. Low 70's expected for this afternoon. If I didn't have so much to do inside I would grab the chance for some gardening, but I don't wanna push it. Maybe this week end. No question the weeds will wait for me right?

PS And for all of you who warned me about too much medications....thank you. Without your advice I'd most likely be locked up somewhere now. I'm a strong woman who has endured many hard times in my life and somehow in time I'll get thru this too. Much love to all of you!

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"RandyW"]Oh no ya didn t call Randy a Monster!! He is only a kitten! where is the love here!!!

Hey....if you saw what that monster did this morning omgggggg he tipped over TWO food dishes and THEN tipped over the water bowl on top if it! He proceeded into my dining room where there is a silk plant covered with little rocks and kicked them out ALL over the floor. I called my friend and invited her over for a CAT TACO dinner. yessssssssss he's a monster alright. LOL

PS he's hiding from me now!

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Thank Goodness My house decorating is minimalist right now!!!! But ya hurt the tv and it doesnt matter the species Your gone to the pound!!

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