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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book


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Here's the deal:

I have found a great book about getting through grief-- I've bought it for numerous people and read my copy several times. I don't believe I need it any more so here's my proposition--

I will mail it to someone with all my notes, highlighted passages etc. The next person highlights or marks things meaningful to them and mails it to the next person on the list. Everyone signs their name inside as a "sister."

Michelle if you're willing you can be first -- I know you're struggling. PM me your address.

Anyone that wants to be on the list put your name below and the person above will PM you for your address.

This book covers it all - even how to deal with kids. Your loss does not have to be recent -- I've read it off and on for over 2 years now. It does not have to be read in any order either so you can skip areas that may not relate to where you are at the moment.

Oh and let me add -- I am not a self help book person at all so if I liked it --that is really saying a lot.

Who's first?

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