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Marisa latest update

Bruce u

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This is what her husband just told me:

Marisa had a Brain Operation today (About 5 an a half

hours) And she comes out of it smiling like a baby with shining blue eyes.

Could not believe it..No bruises, bumps... everythings working fine some 30 minutes later... Am still dumbfounded. The neuro surgeon told me going in that he felt it was NOT the steroids that caused all this but it WAS the enlargement of her cancerous mass in the right Pectoral region which affected her most. Right now they've put her back to 6mgs of steroids which is what she was on just before I took her home.

I'm sure everyone will keep Marisa in our thoughts and prayers.

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Marisa is still improving. Her husband is taking her for walks in her wheelchair and she is doing physiotherapy to regain her strength. She is meeting with a very well known radiologist this week to get a plan in place.

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Bruce, thank you so much for sharing your updates with us. I will be keeping Marisa in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being such a very good friend to her and her husband during this time.

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