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Home from Bronchoscopy... GREAT NEWS!!!


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Hi Everyone!!!

Thanks for all of your continued support and prayers!!! They really paid off!!!!!!

First of all, i have to say, the staff were SOOO amazing to me. I loved it, even though i needed an IV. They were sooo nice and socialable!!!

Anyways, besided the amazing service and care, the procedure went so well. I slept through the entire thing!!!

Dr. Trainor, my surgeon, told my family while I was still recovering from sedation, that the tumour is only affecting the middle lobe!!!! This has saved 2/3rds of my lung!!! She said she'd still like to remove all of the lymphnodes. And she said that by looking at my lung, she won't be able to do VATS. Oh well.

They were so great to me, I won't mind having to stay in the hospital an extra few days!!

She said that her secretary will be calling me shortly with the date/time for my surgery!!! Which should be no later than early February!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for your support and prayers, they're really paying off!!!!

Love, Melanie

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Well, you aren't going to like the regular surgery as well as VATS, but that's still great news. It's all doable, and it will be great if you can end up just losing one smaller lobe.

It's a crazy place when we get excited about surgery and losing one lobe of a lung, but compared to all the other possibilities, we'll certainly take that one!

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Hi, Melanie. Here's something I wrote a couple of years ago about a thoracotomy, which sounds like the type of surgery you're going to have. It has some tips on what you can do now to make it easier when you get home from the hospital:


It wasn't a lot of fun, but not nearly as bad as my internet reading had led me to believe. Aloha,


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YES!!!! Melanie...I love that there is a plan and that the staff is being so good to you!

No biggie on the VATS...ALL procedures have gotten SO much better than they used to be, I'm sure they have a great plan and you'll get through no prob!

We love seeing good plans here...keep us posted.

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YEE HAW!!!! It sounds like everything went terrific. It is so great that you have a good team of people that make you feel comfortable and cared for. Then you will have your family and friends as a cheerleading section - I think you are covered :D !!

What amazing news that the tumor is only in the middle lobe...you won't even notice it's gone (unless you are a triathlete-then, maybe so). It is good that she is still going to take out the lymph nodes - it will give you peace of mind down the road. As to not getting the VATS - remember the chant "I am so lucky to have surgery" - yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it is oh, so true. I will admit, you will be the warrior queen after getting the full meal deal and I will be the lowly warrior princess because I got the VATS. Just don't let it go to your head, okay! :)

Anyhow, this is the best news possible and I am eagerly awaiting news of your surgery date with you. The prayers and support continue my friend.



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Melanie, this news sounds great. Want you to know that you can count on my prayers as well. You have an amazing attitude and that will help you . So glad the staff was nice to you because that is really comforting when you are in a medical facility for anything. I'll be keeping an eye out for all your updates.



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Melanie, happy day, only 1/3 of the lobe must go. The news is the next best thing to finding you can have VATS. Of course the staff was nice. How else could they respond to your upbeat personality. You go girl. You are going to kick this cancer's butt.

Judy in Key West

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I so wish I could have been more like you three years ago, I would have a lot less grey hair I think and would have made a better cheering section.

I shall watch your progress with much interest and I have a feeling that you are going to do so well as you deal with your journey ahead. I also have a feeling I could learn much from you in the process!

Best wishes and prayers always.


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Not every experience of this is painful!!!!

I needed to stay in the hospital some extra days because there was an air bubble in my draining tube that no body knew about, Once they fixed that I was out of there!!

I went home from the hospital and vacuumed-(cat hair all over) --I walked up to the store the next day

everyone had a different experience --no two are alike

so it is hard to tell what to expect

i went back to work I think in 2 months commuting very far, others cannot do this

so do not expect your experience to mirror others--

wishing you the best

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Melanie--I'm glad you had sich a wonderful experience and got good news in that there is less lung involvement. I'm sure that will make you less anxious about the surgery. You will be positive and stronger going into the surgery and should help all the way around.

Keep us posted!


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