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Still taking it 1 day @ a time - Update on my hubby


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Hello all! I thought that I would drop by to give an update on my hubby. He just completed his 1st 12 weeks of chemo. Things are looking very hopeful. The tumors in his lungs have shrunk down from half of their original sizes. His lympe nodes have went down significantly as well. They will continue treatments through March. He will then take another Pet Scan. His doctor is hoping that this will wipe out the remainder of the tumors and no surgery will have to be involved.

Now on to the other stuff. He finally broke down and told me that he was diagnosed as Stage 4. This is due to the mass that they found in his back. The doctors said that if the chemo doesn't get that...radiation will. Right now..they are really focusing on the tumors in his lung.

It has indeed been a roller coaster ride both physically and emotionally. His side effects are headaches, tiredness, mild diarreah and feet pain. We are just staying prayerful. With God all things are possible.

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Hi, thanks for the update. Sounds like your husband has had a very good response to the chemo — I believe you said Taxol and Carbo? Will he be on something different between now and March?

You mentioned foot pain. If it's a combination of numbness and tingling and occasional electric-type jabs, that's peripheral neuropathy, a common side effect of Taxol. My onc prescribed Neurontin, which was very helpful.

Let us know how it goes. Aloha,


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Aloha Ned...thanks for the info about the medication. I will let my hubby know..Yesterday someone told him about diabetic socks and so far they are working well for him.

As far as know...since the taxol/carbo is working so well...they are not going to change his meds....I will ask when we go 2 his dr.s appointment this week.

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