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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! It dipped into the fifties last night but is already 62 so I won't complain. I woke up with bad low back pain this morning so I popped two extra strength Tylenol while I was still having my morning tea. I can't afford to lose a day today.

I will have to get stuff done around my finger prick appointment around noon and my cancer group today. Problem is, I haven't even decided on today's "things to do" list. The trip to Orlando is looming so I'll probably to out to the coach. Bud, I hear you about the biking. I know that when I get pain or low energy, I have to force myself to work out. Just couldn't yesterday but maybe today.

Been thinking of this for awhile now. I'm dropping the "in Key West" from my onsite signature. I originally started it to differentiate myself from "Judy Ok." She hasn't been with us for some time now. I counted 11 extra key presses each time I do it. My old arthritic hands will thank me. I will reserve the right, however, to resume the locations when I'm doing my summer/fall travels in our RV. That's fun.

Have a great day everyone.


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Hi, Judy. So you got your computer behaving? Is this a new one?

It's still dark here, but it's chemo day so I needed to give my Lasix time to finish working before I head down the hill. Usually from the time I pop that pill until I can leave the house is about 3 hours. This last cycle has been a relatively easy one, and I think not taking the Decadron tablets last time helped smooth things out. We're doing the same thing this time — Decadron only in the IV — hoping for another soft landing later in the week.

Have a good day, all!


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Good morning Judy and everyone else. It looks like the rain may have stopped for a while. It has been raining pretty much the whole time sense I got home. Misty liked that she had a chance to be out for a few minutes instead of rushed back in.

It is cool here in the 40s and going into the 50s later. I don't mind for some reason this cold doesn't bother me like it does in Louisiana nor does the heat. Hard to say it is the humidity when it is raining here so much. Anyway I am enjoying being home and being in control of the thermostat and having my window opened a little. Love that fresh air.

I am slowly getting caught up with things. I guess it will take a while longer then I will try to be here and be more supporting of everyone.

I posted a few pictures on facebook and there are more to come later. Today I start back on fitness. Boy do I need that. I gained 9 pounds on my trip, lack of exercise and all that food. Now I am dieting and getting back to my fitness. Just going up and down the stairs is a lot more exercise that I got while gone.

To all who are waiting for test results you are in my prayers, so are all who are grieving or just past an aniversary date of your loved ones death. I know how hard that is. I also want to say happy birthday to all of those I missed. I hope I can be more on top of things now but my fitness and health come first. I am very uncomforable at this weight and have to work on it.

Have a nice day everyone.

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Good morning everyone. The skies are clear today but it's still in the lower 30's. My arthritis doesn't like that. For some odd reason when I first get up in the morning now the heals of my feet are so sore. I wonder if that's arthritis too?

I don't have any plans for today. Just play on FB and perhaps do something different and make my bed for a change?

I took all the paperwork and dropped it off at the place I'm hoping to get a job at. They never tell you much other than let's get fingerprinted and run a back round check. Then fill out this mass of paper work....then another mass of paperwork. I did find out they called my husbands physician. I used him as a personal reference. He said he gave me a glowing recommendation, so maybe that will help. Gotta find work soon, but with the economy the way it is now I worry.

Randy the kitty is mad at me because when I came back from the bathroom last night he was on my pillow so I moved him. NOT a good thing. He gave me a few kitten cusses and slept underneath the bed. LOL But it seems I might be half way forgiven this morning.

Insurance company is driving me crazy not paying for the chemo Don had. It's about a $60,000 balance due and they are threatening collection on me. I called the insurance company and they said due to the "hippa" (?) laws they can't tell me anything. So, trying to figure out what to do next. Sometimes I hate stupid people ya know?

Well, I'm off to at least make my bed for the day......cya all later. And welcome home Lilly :) I missed you!

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Good morning, everyone! I hope your back is feeling better by now, Judy.

It was 29 degrees this morning, with a forecast high of 64. I rode the bike to work again. Other than that, not much happening here, just another day in the salt mine.

Have a great day, all!

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