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Update - LONG overdue


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Just wanted to drop in and catch everyone up to speed. Somewhere around Thanksgiving, my work computer got all jumbled and I hadn't been able to log in or get a new password for some reason. Well, today it worked, so here I am.

It's been a crazy few months. Starting back in October, Col has been in and out of the Hospital 3 or four times, for varying lengths of time and for varying reasons. Once myself and my neighbor (a nurse) thought she was having a stroke. Two days and 20 tests later, came back nothing. Nothin, really? Cause I saw something and it looked like it was bad. Turns out it didn't happen again, so who knows.

Then she had her gall bladder out...Just for fun. Wasn't related to the cancer or the treatment or anything like that. Guess she just wanted a normal medical problem for once. That came out without a hitch, and there was no cancer found there...We had them check it just to be sure.

Most recently there were the 5 days in the first week of January where her blood counts bottomed out and her magnesium and potassium were, as the Dr.s put it, dangerously low. So she spent 5 days, including her 35th birthday in the Hospital. She doing better now, and her and Jack are actually in Florida this week visiting my parents.

So that's about it. Man, I gotta update Jack's picture he's a different little guy now.

Hope all is well with everyone, hang in there, we'll all get through it together.

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Well, you certainly have had an interesting ride for the past few months, haven't you? I saw on FB that Col was heading to FL, just didn't realize all she had to endure beforehand. Hopefully she's feeling better enough to enjoy the getaway with Jack.

Once LC (or any cancer, I guess, for that matter) enters our lives, there seems to never be any dull moments, huh? Le'ts hope all of Col's issues are resolved and that you all can get on with dealing with life in general. Glad you checked in. I know you've been missed here and even on FB where there all has been pretty quiet from your little corner of the world. You know where we are too. I bet you have an unbelievable support system set up around you, but sometimes having someone who truly knows the ropes can be helpful too. Don't hesitate to call on us - less than an hour away, ya know!

Give Col and Jack our best ~ and our best to you too!


Kasey (yes, Fred too :lol: )

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what did you stay up North to play Hockey again JB!!?? Hang in there and keep us posted Glad there was no noticeable spread though!!

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Randy I wish it was just to play hockey that I stayed up here, but it's work, and trying to remodel our bathroom, and a bunch of other stuff. But there has been quite a bit of hockey as well. Haven't gotten to skate outside yet, which is the best, but I'm at the rink at least two times a week in some form of a hockey game or another. Once Col gets back I'll see if there is a way to get you guys to see a clip of video of Jack playing.

Kasey, I don't do the facebook thing, but I know Col does. She's probably her normal quiet self on there as well, so that's probably why you don't hear from her much. Hope things imporve for you and Fred.

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Hi JB,

Wow you guys certaibly have been through the ringer and welcome back! I am so glad this is now behind her and thank G-d there was no stroke...

Please let Colleen know how much she means to me and Joel and she is always in our thoughts.

Florida sound really good around now and she really needs this break.

If you need anything you know we are here for you.

I havn't seen little Jack lately, I could imagine how much he has grown.

take care my friend,

Maryanne & Joel

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