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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Overcast and windy in KW today. Can't believe the guys next door are fishing in this weather. Bud, good luck to you--with fishing and the weather.

Ann, hope you are keeping warm. I'll be up your way next week and am packing my long-sleeve nightgown and sweats.

I've about given up find my AT&T mobile device for this trip. It's in the big black hole. Problem is, I'm paying a monthly fee. Guess I need to call and see what I can do. I don't plan on buying a new one until my long spring trip. I will miss it rolling down the FL turnpike on Monday.

Hope everyone has a great day. Mine's a working one. Don't know how I got all this stuff done before I retired lol.


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Good morning, everyone!

When I got up, it was 26 degrees with a howling north wind and a predicted high of 38 degrees for the day, so I decided to just tinker around the house and enjoy the great indoors today, and go fishing tomorrow, when it's supposed to be a little warmer with a little less wind.

Have a great day, all!

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Randy, you look as tho. you're dressed for MN weather. I love the picture of the snow and house, but it makes me miss the snow states even more. Nice pictures!

Judy have a safe trip next week and good luck with your scans. I'll be there on Mon/Tues for a CT and MRI (brain).

It's 71 degrees here (at 12:45 EST).


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Randy - there's no ice on your eyebrows - it can't be that cold?!? I'll admit -you've got some good snow fall, but it sure doesn't look as cold as it is here! Mmm - they say Canadians are so nice and here I am saying we're tougher than you are :) !

Hope you find your phone Judy! Enjoy the fishing tommorow Bud!

Have a good weekend everyone.


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Good morning everyone. I see many of you are in the deep freeze so I won't complain about our little drizzle.

I have spent the morning cleaning my file cabinet. I am not even half way through. I can't believe how much crud I have kept for so long. I know that I no longer need old check stubs or payment stubs from 5 or 6 years ago so they are going out. Problem is I got mad a while back when I got one too many credit cards aps so I ran them all through my shredder at one time and burned the motor up. So now I am tearing them by hand. I guess it will take the rest of the day off and on but it is something that I have been putting off for a long time.

Now I am having a little worry. Years ago I pulled the big muscle that goes all the way around the middle of my body. It is easy to repull and I have done that a lot over the years. A few months ago I noticed that it is easier to pull and started feeling that pain on my left side often. Now it feels more like something out of place and I am getting a pain in the side of my left breast.

Now this is under the arm and down about 8 inches for the side pain and in the left breast not breast bone or toward chest. Not sure what to think of it but I have put off going to the doctor. I guess I am a coward and afraid they might find something serious. If it continues I will probably change my appointment from the 22 nd to a nearer date.

Anyway I wish you all warmer weather and a good weekend. Now back to my big job.

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