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Normalcy show on radiolab

Nick C

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I love radiolab.


And there was a very interesting show this morning and there is another one posted here that I haven't seen before.

The one this morning were 11 different thoughts stories if you will on what happens when you die...it was 11 INTERSESTING ways to think of it. It hasn't posted on the website yet, but it is usually posted shortly after the show airs. But when I went on I saw another show I haven't heard yet and it's entitled "New Normal" and it says there are three stories that reframe our sense of normalcy. Interesting given so many of us have struggled are struggling to reframe what normal is for us.

UPDATE: The 11 different thoughts on death is there, and it was a great piece. The normalcy thing I am listening to...so far it has focussed on baboons and crossdressers...maybe not so relevant to the "new normal" we talk about here.

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