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SCLC extensive, brain mets - 6 years and counting


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I feel bad that I have not posted more to encourage people - particularly those who are battling SCLC. So I thought this post might give someone hope. My husband was diagnosed in January of 2004 and brain mets showed up in May of the same year. I came here quite a bit that first year. And here we are 6 years out and still going strong. Yeah, life is different now. But some doctors didn't give him much chance at all back in 2004. Fortunately, we had a wonderful elderly oncologist who was a bundle of energy with a positive outlook. And my husband just refused to believe that this was it - he told me the first year that he would still be here five years later. Wish I had some magic formula to tell you why and what to do. I think the single biggest reason is his state of mind - he believes he is going to beat this and he always has. So when you think it's hopeless, don't give up! Trust me, I've been there. God bless you all.

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