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Monday's Air


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This is my first time doing the air so bear with me. It's another cold morning here in North Carolina. It was 18 degrees when I got up. But it's suppose to go to the mid 40s today and hopefully will melt the ice on the roads and most of the snow. All schools are closed today because of the roads.

I wish for everyone who has scans/tests this week the best!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 27 degrees with freezing fog this morning as I pedaled my way to work. The forecast high for the day is 53.

It's February already. A quick check of my bike journal verifies how cold January was here and how I don't like riding in the cold. I had just 322 miles on the bike for the month. That's the fewest miles I've ridden in a calendar month since April, 2008. I had a better excuse then; I was finishing up three rounds of chemo. Did I mention that I don't like riding in the cold?

I'll second Paulette's wishes for great scans for everyone this week. Have a great day, all!

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I too am wishing everyone good scans and for those who need them . warmer temperatures.

It is in the 40s and light showers here today. Sun is just starting to rise but the clouds block most of it. I am still having a problem with the GERD and a few other things. I am also still trying to catch up some things. It is hard after being gone for a month and a half.

I am still wondering if a few people are upset with me about my preference for the Super Bowl. Not too many responses or anything else on facebook sense I cheered the Saints on. I still want them to win but it is just a football game, I am hoping friendship means more to everyone as it does to me.

I still keep Marisa in my prayers and thoughts and of coarse Michelle who I know is having a rough time. I just have been pretty busy so if you don't hear from me it is because I am still trying to get my routine back and some things caught up.

Have a great day everyone.

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Good Morning everyone! I also am hoping for all who are getting tests to have a good outcome!

Lilly....you can cheer on any team you want to my friend! If someone happens to like another team....that's okay too. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

I have some good news....yesterday I had to jump through yet another hoop for a job and as soon as I got home and walked in the door, the phone rang and she said I would be getting information within a few days to arrange training. She didn't actually use the words "your hired"....but schedule of training means the same thing right? She was asking about how many hours I wanted etc.....so I guess it finally came through. I've been so worried about finances (which aren't that bad YET). I prayed to both God and my husband yesterday morning while I was on my way home. Looks like they heard me :)

Have a good day all! Sorry I don't post as much lately, it's just hard sometimes and I'm sure you all understand.

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