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Topotecan and Severe Itching


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Hi all -

My mom has had severe itching after the last 2 rounds of Topotecan. I did a little research and sites are saying that this can be a sign of a serious allergic reaction.

We'll be telling the doctor about the itching this week, but was wondering if any of y'all had experienced the same thing personally or seen a family/friend with the itching.



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I would definitely talk to the onc about it.

My dad didn't have any itching with Topo, so it does sound like a reaction to "something" and it's best to contact the dr. before it gets worse.

I also suggest post at GRACE. Dr. Jack West frequently answers questions for us. You can post this question to the experts and see also what they have to say.

Please keep us posted and I hope your mom gets some relief from the itching soon!!


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