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Morning All! 66 degrees in KW but the winds have been awful in KW since late last night. It's supposed to be lows in the 50s and highs in the 60s to 70s all week. I am not complaining. Maryanne, I feel for you and all my family and friends in NJ. I know you folk are getting slammed again. Stay safe and warm and we're hoping you don't lose electric like we did in a blizzard when I was a kid.

Didn't get a good night's sleep again last night. Our business taxes are due March 15 and I haven't finished the preliminaries for the accountant yet. I was so excited about my daughter and grandson coming down this weekend, I forgot I was planning on finishing the taxes. Forget that. I have an infusion today and they are coming Friday evening and leaving late Sunday. I need a plan quick!

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 29 degrees here when I headed to work on the bike this morning. Yesterday's howling winds are gone, though, so it was an easier ride to work. It's supposed to get up to 42 degrees this afternoon.

Finally having a sunny day for a ride home yesterday, I noticed that it is starting to get dark later. I actually got home with plenty of sunlight left. I think I'm going to make a stop by the bike shop on the way home today, and pick up a couple of spokes. It will be nice to make an errand stop on the way home now and then, and still get home before dark.

Have a great day, all!

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Judy is right about the wind here in Florida. My palm trees were bending over this morning from the wind. The high today is supposed to be 64 and tomorrow the high is forecasted for 58. I know that seems like a heat wave to all our northern friends who are suffering through all the snow and freezing temps. This wind is what makes it feel really chilly here. Hopefully, spring will be right around the corner and we will all be nice and comfy!

Judy, I know you'll get all of your preliminary tax work together in plenty of time and still have time to enjoy yur family! I have faith in you, gal!!!

Bud, I'm so glad you didn't have to ride against the wind this morning and I'm glad to hear the daylight is lasting longer. That's a sign that spring is on its way!

Hubby and I are celebrating Valentines a wee bit early by having a "party" with the grandbabies on Saturday night. Son and DIL are going for dinner and then to a Harry Connick, Jr. concert. The babies love Chinese food, so Nana and Pop-Pop are taking them Chinese take out and some sweet treats. We will be dancing to the music of Elmo and Big Bird and having lots of fun! Seriously, we love every minute we spend with our "little people."

Going to the medical supply store later this afternoon to pick up the long list of things that hubby will need after his knee replacement. I had no idea there are tools that help you put your socks on!!!

Hope everyone has a great day! Keep warm....inside and outside!


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Well, it's been snowing HARD for almost 18 hours here. We still aren't all cleared out from the almost 3 feet of snow we got over the weekend. We are in a state of emergency and have a blizzard warning. It's supposed to snow for several more hours increasing in intensity with high sinds! Not that cold - really - about 30. We were informed to not expect to get out of here until Saturday. Road crews can't even keep up with the main routes, so no way they are getting to neighborhoods.

So...........we're not going anywhere - stop by and say hi. We're bored!


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It is clear and cool here this morning with rain expected to move in again tomorrow sometime.

I hate to see everyone getting slamed again with all of that snow. I love the snow but enough is enough!

Yesterday I took Misty and had her groomed. She sure looks different. I had a talk with the groomer. I have been concerned because a couple of people have suggested I have her put down because she struggles sometimes to keep up with me. The thing is I know that most of the time she is slow because she does not want to go where I want her to. When she wants to go outside she acts like a puppy and runs down those stairs. Her back hips are weak and she has a problem sometimes keeping her balance on the grass. Her biggest problem is when she squats to poop she sometimes falls back setting down. Still the groomer (she works at the vets) said as long as she doesn't stop pooping or is doesn't get where she can't get up or is in pain that there is no reason to put her down. That was a relief to me. I dread ever having to make that decision. I remember Johnny telling me how he hoped he would never have to have her put down. Now the decision rests with me.

I have been having a few health issues of my own. I am pretty sure that a lot of them are from the TMJ and then that makes me nervous and creates other problems. I have a appointment on the 22nd and hope all is better by then. I just have some strange symptoms. Started with a pain my breast and then the feeling of something stuck in my throat, then the belching and stomache problems started. Now I am really feeling the normal symptoms I have from the TMJ and am thinking that is my main problem. You can't imagine all of the things that can cause unless you have had to deal with it.

Ann good luck with the surgery. Here in California they usually put a person who has that operation into a rehab hospital for a week or two. I guess if you have someone to take care of you at home 24 /7 they can go home. Rehab just makes it easier on the patient and the family.

Have fun on your weekend Ann. I don't look forward to Valentines Day. As most of you know that is the day Johnny and I were supposed to get married.

Well I have to run. It is coffee and donuts day then our town hall meeting. I have to go pick up the donuts and hope to get a little exercise in first. Had lunch out yesterday pre birthday because I knew today would be busy.

Take care all and have a wonderful day.

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Ugh...Kasey I always enjoy weather like that until it stops and waiting for the snow to melt and lives to get back to normal. However, I have probably never been in such severe weather, but when we had a few inches of snow here a couple months ago, it took me 4hrs and 52 min to get from work to home and that is only about 23 miles. People here do not know how to drive in snow and even stop right on the middle of the freeway and sit in there cars. It is just crazy....

Hopefully you all can drive better in the snow than some of these ppl here. :D

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Yes, Muriel........we have plenty of food and drink (wine) to last until next week. We had our neighbors over for dinner. they just walked across the street and up their driveway. The snow was up to their WAISTS and they were leaning sideways in the wind. NOT having fun yet, but at least it wasn't US over at their house!!!!


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"Ann"]I had no idea there are tools that help you put your socks on!!!

Wow, I could have used that for a couple of weeks after my lung surgery!

Sorry to hear that so many are still getting slammed with the winter weather. It's going to be a bit iffy here tomorrow, but temps are supposed to stay above freezing, so hopefully things won't get too bad.

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