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My cousin, Thomas Hester


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My cousin, Tom Hester, 34, died at 2:34 am, January 1, 2004. He battled cancer for 2 years. His primary was in his mouth, spread to the neck, lymph nodes and then the lungs. He was a Syracuse, NY Police Office for 8 years. He leaves behind, Sue, his wife of 5 years and his 2 year old daughter Abbey.

He was Mr. heathly, ate vegetarian since he was 18, was big into juicing and exercised all the time before he got ill. His father, My uncle died 6 years ago of the same cancer. No one knows why or how Tom got sick.

Tommy, please tell my mom I miss her since she went on to heaven so soon and please make my step-father's cancer test come back negative. I will miss you so much.


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Dear Shelly,

I am so sorry for your loss. When you are up to it please do some research into Hancock Air Base just outside of Syracuse. I believe it is now an Air Guard Base.

Check into Griffiss AFB outside of Rome as well. If you are willing to email me off the board I can send you a link to a site that lists State and Federal SuperFund Cleanup Sites by Zip Code.

When we were stationed at Griffiss there were many families offered housing at Hancock who refused to go because of the rumors of too high cancer rates (oral, gastric, leukemias, lymphomas) among military and family members. So they waiting for housing at Griffiss, only to find that the same thing existed there...and well documented. At Griffiss and the small town of Floyd it was in the water supply.

My sympathies to you, Shelly. I am very sorry.

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