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Peoria Illinois seeks participants for trial!!


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Researchers seek cancer patients for clinical drug trial

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February 10, 2010 1:25 PM

Staff report

Arizona cancer patients have an opportunity to participate in a new clinical drug trial of a medication geared to help those with solid tumors, such as those with breast, lung and prostate cancer.

The Peoria office of Pivotal Research Centers is one of three clinical trial sites in the world recruiting cancer patients to test the experimental cancer drug CPI-613.

"CPI-613 is a brand new anti-cancer drug that utilizes altered energy metabolism to attack cancer cells and hopefully doesn’t disturb normal cells," said Dr. Divis Khaira, clinical trial investigator for Pivotal Research Center. "It is for patients who have failed other kinds of therapy, who have any kind of cancer, who have had other treatments that haven’t worked."

"It seems … this drug actually works on patients who are resistant to other kinds of chemotherapy," Khaira said.

Dr. Robert Shorr, CEO for Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer, said CPI-163 is part of a new chemical class of drugs that target metabolic changes that are common to many cancer types.

"CPI-613 shuts down mitochondrial ATP synthesis (the ability to turn food into energy) in cancer cells by attacking mitochondria," Shorr said. "Other drugs do not. Mitochondria is where energy is mostly produced in cells."

Khaira said Pivotal is recruiting those between ages 18 and 85 to take part in the trial.

Those who meet the criteria will be given the drug for the trial for as long as the patient responds, Khaira said. There will be no placebos used.

For information, call Pivotal Research at 1-866-788-3921.

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