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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 31 degrees as I set off for work this morning. After more than 24 hours of steady snow coming down, it finally quit a couple of hours ago. We had just under 13 inches of snow from the storm, easily a record for the most snow we've ever had on the ground here.

The roads were slushy, but traffic was light, and I had no problem getting to work. It's a thin crew at work today, but if a CNC machine breaks down, I'm here.

Have a great day, all!

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Thank you Bud! I was hoping someone would open the Air this morning. I slept a little late. Was dead tired when I went to bed then my brain woke up. We found out at the meeting last night that we are due for what we call down here a "weather event." Twenty to 20-something knot winds today building to 50 or 60 late tonight. I think the rain is coming late tonight too. Chance of tornadoes slight but conditions good for them. Don't know what that means. My daughter, her SO and our grandson are driving down today. I didn't know last night when the high winds were coming in and I was worried about them being scared in the RV. Fortunately the higher winds should come later tonight and dear Stan has offered to sleep in the RV.

I have to go do tons of stuff so hope you all have a great day.


P.S. Oh and TGIF for all you working joes and janes.

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It's FINALLY FRIDAY !!! I know....I get excited about Friday every week now but when you get to be my age and still have to work five days a week, having two days off is relly a big deal. It seems I always have something that I have to accomplish on the weekends but it's nice not having to sit at a desk and get it done.

Judy, we should be seeing all this rain a few hours before it gets to you but it's supposed to be a really wet, soggy and windy day. I try and avoid complaining about any rain that may come our way, as get terrified when it gets really dry and the fire threat is high.

Bud...that's a lot of snow! This has been a bizarre winter all over this country. I had to chuckle when the news said that they're hauling in snow for the olympics. Maybe they should have had the olympics in Texas this year.

I hope everyone has a really nice wekend. I know Valentine's day will be hard for a lot of us that have lost someone we love but I hope we can remember some really happy days from the past to get us through!


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Set and cool here this morning. Nothing like what is going on back East and in the South.

Still trying to get to see a doctor sooner but it is next to impossible. Along with the GERD I have a slow heartbeat and that kind of scares me. Then I have anxiety problems. I don't know how all of you handle the many heath issues that you have.

We have fitness this morning then I get my hair cut this afternoon. Just keep praying that I start to feel normal again soon.

Wow Bud and Will are having a snow experience. It isn't reaching far enough south to affect my family in Louisiana although they have warned of icy roads in their area. I try not to think of then all driving to school and work in that. They just don't know how to handle it because no one is used to it.

Well have a great day everyone. I will go to face book but I think I will delete all of the games. They seem to do a number on my computer. I spend a lot of time waiting to use it because it is froze on one of those games. It is just not worth the time it takes.

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Hi Everyone. Well, the weather is supposed to improve here the next few days into the upper 60's during the day with clear skies. Perfect for my son's girlfriends visit. She'll arrive late this evening, so I won't get to see her until tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it. No where near as excited as my son is. Haven't seen him this happy in a long time. Makes me happy too!

Still jumping through hoops for this job. I'm supposed to call on Monday because whoever enters data for training classes somehow skipped me. Figures huh? Like I said....by the time all this paper work is done I'll be 90 yrs old.

I'm doing so much better with the panic attacks since I stopped that crazy medication. Only take two now and am "coping" the best I can,

Gotta finish cleaning the house today. I know what a nut I am about having everything perfect when visitors come, but it will keep me busy and many get some exercise while I'm at it. I only mop floors on my hands and knees and I have a 3,000 sq ft house with no carpet. Bad choice when we had this place built.....at least for me huh?

Well, off to work now....hope everyone has a wonderful week end.

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Happy Friday to all, I live the most charmed life and I know I don't deserve it, I'll just continue to thank my GOD everyday and keep moving forward. I applied for SSDI, had an hour long phone interview and was approved in less than 24 hours. Got my back pay within 2 weeks of my interview. I'll be praying for all that are having difficulties with the process. Love you all.

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