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LUNGevity's Homepage Please Read


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Please take a moment to check out our homepage.

See our featured member Andrea and also read about our latest research grant!!

YOUR donation dollars helped make this possible.

Remember that all donation dollars are DOUBLED for lung cancer research.

LUNGevity is the hardest working non profit making your dollar go farther and make the most difference!!


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Come on everyone! Support Andrea!!!! she's into the very last week of her challenge. She has done SO much for all of us. She is generous beyond words and worked her butt off (maybe some pounds?) on those 2 cookbooks. Now she proves how courageous she is by going public with her struggle with weight. I support you, Andrea, and appreciate the wonderful advocate you are for all of us. Thank you and good luck with reaching your goal.


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Let's all donate to support Andrea's efforts. She has always supported all of us in our fundraising efforts.

If we could all just donate $5 to cheer Andrea onto success.

know that EVERY donation dollar is DOUBLED and ALL your donation dollars goes to fund lung cancer research.

It sure is worth it.

And a big THANK YOU to Andrea for including LUNGevity in her efforts and hard work and a big THANK YOU to those who have already donated to support Andrea.

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