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JohnMillerHR!! needs advice and is new!


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52 years old and Dx. 07/09 with stage 4 meso. Been on Chemo since. 7 months of cysplatin and altima and 2 weeks ago had gemzar which seem to make everything worse. I don't know what to do, I want to give up I'm sick of the pain the pills and the local Ca Tx Center.

Found this in another forum at bottom of topic if anyone can help in moving it thank you and we need to help John out here!

here is Link to original post for A Mod that can move this over to new page!!


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John if You see this and I hope you do ! I personally don't have the knowledge or the power to tell you what is right ad wrong in your situation! The decision is yours to make basically ! I can share my thoughts with you as a caregiver survivor who watched someone die from this disease!

its a very long drawn out process of the body shutting down! It all starts with gasping for air and not being able to get and then organs shut down Its not pleasant! The decision is your to make though! Personally My wife fought every day for3 years and almost 6 different chemo treatments! She lived her life to the fullest though! Went to Art school went to chemo spent time in ICU for problems and just had fun when she could ! she repainted the inside of the house and hung out with her puppy dawg and me all the time! we took trips together and had fun!

I can understand your frustration though! Its tough some days but hey isnt life for all of us! My case INpoint is that she is in heaven and I am here dealing with late credit card payments ! Not enough income and no wife to talk to. Its lonely for me ! but I soldier on!

So ! It is your decision to make and I can not influence that decision! I can try but may not succeed ! Check out some of the postings of Dean Carl in the Forum, The path less travelled! dean is and always will be a legend around here!! wise beyond the years! Maybe something in that forum will calm your mind and help you with that decision! I hope and Pray that you fight every day until the good Lord tells you not to fight anymore!!!

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Hi John,

Talk to your ONC. There are many chemo drugs out there or maybe they can give you something to help with the symptoms. I know I had about six differant pills just to help control the bad side effects. So please talk to your doc first. We can always walk the path less traveled if it gets to rough!


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