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Monday's Air


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Morning All! It's only 55 degrees and I've been awake before 5 am. I went to bed early but had a rough night. Up twice to the BR and crazy dreams. This will be brief because I tweaked my after-Alimta routine again but screwed up big tiime with this one. Been naseous for hours now with intermittent stomach pains.

The family left around five last night. The visit was really great. We didn't go anywhere, just Tommy and Wendy out for a few grown-up valentines hours on Duval Street. Stan said he and Tommy worked very well together and Stan slipped Wendy a generous payment for his help. He's so relieved the job is done. He was really worried about getting the duck-work under the rental replaced.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning, everyone!

Don't you love it when there are multiple Airs done at the same time? It was 30 degrees with a stiff north wind when I got up this morning. I had to drop a bike off at the bus station, so I drove to work rather than riding.

Sorry you aren't feeling well, Judy. But glad you've been feeling better, Donny. Enjoy the new guitar.

Rose and I got married 24 years ago, today. To celebrate our anniversary, Rose is having chemo today. She reminded me that, two years ago on our anniversary, I was having chemo. Sheesh.....

Have a great day, all!

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Good Morning! It's a chilly 35 degrees outside right now but expected to warm up to the 60's. Yesterday was a beautiful day as well. My son's girlfriend finally arrived and she and my son spent some time in the sun by the pool and went to a movie last night. He surprised her with roses and when I teased her about being jealous she gave me one of them and shared. What a sweet thing to do isn't it?

I went to visit a friend last night and we had a few glasses of wine. Probably a few too many I think! LOL My son drove me over there and picked me up so I wouldn't have to drive. We had a nice visit though and talked a lot about the "old days" when we used to work at the same place. I'm glad I went because it made the day easier on me.

Today I still feel a little bit of the after effects of the wine ughhh so I think I'll just take it easy although I promised to make a jello cake for my son, so that will be the only thing I plan.

I'm glad to hear that Randy is okay and didn't actually delete his FB account.

Judy, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well today. Please rest and take care of yourself :)

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Happy Anniversary Rose and Bud !

Judy, glad you had a good visit with your family. Hope your tummy is feeling better.

Michelle....so glad your son is enjoying his friends' visit and so glad you enjoyed the visit with your friend. I love a few glasses of wine but it seems to give me a headache every time I have wine anymore.

It's supposed to finally reach near 70 here today. But....another cold front is moving this way and the high for tomorrow is supposed to be 54. We have freeze warnings for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So, I'll be covering what few plants that I still have alive in an attempt to save them. My grass is just beginning to be green instead of brown and another freeze.

Hubby has his knee replacement surgery tomorrow, so please remember him in your prayers. I hate hospitals and tomorrow is going to be a long day for me....lots of bad memories about Dennis and hospitals.

Hope everyone stays warm and happy today!


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Bud, thanks for alerting me. I would have hated to miss Donny's Air. I asked him did he notice, we must have hit submit at the exact same moment. Thanks guys for wishing my tummy well. I took a Zofran this morning and my stomach is just settling down and it's after one. I'm going for a massage (big treat is Stan's driving me into town because he has errands to run) soon and then home and on the couch for the evening and night.


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Good afternoon everyone!

It is a beautiful day here today - it feels like spring - even though it is only 36 degrees! I think they are saying snow again tomorrow.

I have been having a rough week or two. My sister was diagnosed last week with breast cancer. She will be having a double mastectomy in 3 weeks. My sister has been at every single one of my appointments and tests, she has always been my strength and support - and now she has joined this awful club. The hard part is that she doesn't want any help - she wants to do it on her own - which I have to respect but I don't have to like.

Then , last night one of my brother in laws died of a heart attack. When it rains it pours right? Today I am only allowing good news!

I hope your stomach is doing better Judy - and Ann your husband is in my prayers - everyone here is in my prayers - always.

peace - Janet

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Sorry to hear your news - I too hope today only brings good news. Spring sounds nice. We are gray weatherwise, but we have a dinner invite tonight and I will make something of a salad to bring, representing spring.

I am channeling you these days - I stopped working as of last week, at least for now, and am focusing on being happy (and rested).

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"RandyW"]Hey Michelle Check your FB mailbox! read what I sent Ya !! :wink::lol:

I saw it Randy, but couldn't reply cuz you were still inactive. Thank you so very much my dear friend. And also know that my thoughts will be with you on the upcoming anniversary. Lots of love and hugs to you !

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