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Morning All! It's 63 degrees in KW but we'll be back in the 50s the next three nights. Hate this bouncing back and forth but hate most that the temps are down more than they're up.

First off this morning, good luck to your husband Ann. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts today. Let us know how he makes out, and you lol.

The lights went out near 8 pm last night. It was so dark you couldn't see you're hand in front of your face. Since I was falling asleep on the couch anyway, I said I was going to bed. By the time we got flashlights and got in bed, the lights came back on. I remember my evening pills and got up and took them, reset the clock so it wouldn't flash and fell almost immediately asleep. Feel so much better this morning. Aching all over but think that's from sleeping ten hours straight so no complaints here lol.

Back to taxes, finger-prick this afternoon and cancer group and dinner with the ladies tonight. If you all are wondering why it's taking me so long on corp taxes, I'm reconstructing a whole year of mileage on two vehicles. If you were around last spring you may recall how sick I was while we were traveling all over everywhere to do Stan's jobs. I was jotting down mileage on sheets of paper with minimal info, most importantly dates. His truck mileage isn't much better. Sigh.

So good to see so many of you on the Air lately. No matter how busy, I always come on and read your additions. Have a great day everyone.


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32 but sunny here in NTX this morning. Most of the snow is gone, but we still have icy patches on the street. That should clear up today and by Friday projected high is supposed to be 61, but more rain over the weekend and the middle of next week.

It was sure nice to get power back Sunday. We lost power very early Friday am and finally got it back about 48 hours later. We spent the weekend with my son and his girlfriend altho we couldn't bring the furbabies. We made them as comfortable as possible and came back and checked on them often and threw lots of blankets and comforters down on the floors and couches so they would stay warm.

Looking forward to going to support group next Monday and meeting Katie, Bud, Bud's Rose and any others.

Looking forward to 50 degrees this afternoon. Hope all of the rest of you have a great day and stay warm.


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I drove to work this morning. I'm a bit leery of those ice patches Dawn mentioned, plus I need to pick up a roof rack for my truck after work.

I hope you can make it Monday, Dawn. It would be great to meet you! Rose is iffy, for the group. Mondays are chemo days for her right now, and she ends up a combination of dizzy from the Benadryl and hyped up from the steroids. She did feel well enough to go out for an anniversary dinner last night, though.

Best wishes for your hubby, Ann! Have a great day, all!

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How I envy you guys the opportunity to go to cancer group together! I go to mine tonight but it really isn't all that great for me. Dinner with one to three friends in the group and having the retired onc at meetings are what keeps me going. They spend way to much time talking about their cats and minimizing the after-effects of a cancer dx. There are only a couple of us who have active/chronic cancer and one woman appalled me one night when she blithely announced "I was never afraid." My internal response was that she's really the insipid person she appears to be. Me bad. Judy's mean spirit showing. Anyway, of course I jumped in and owned my fear for the benefit of the poor new scared guy whose cancer gets a prognosis similar to those of us with advanced lunch cancer. Stuff like that is not good for a group.

Keep warm all my friends up North. Ned, if you are reading, how do you like being the only State in the Union who did not have snow recently lol.


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Just wanted to jump in and say good morning to all while I have a chance. I'm in the surgical waiting room now. Hubby's procedure started at 10:02, so I've still got a little bit of a wait. We had to be here at the hospital at 6:30 this morning and we sat until past 8:15 before we ever made it to pre-op. Hubby's spirits were good and after his "happy cocktail" he didn't even know he even had a knee...lol!

It's supposed to be in the 30's here tonight and we're being told to cover the plants. I really am out of practice at doing everything on my own, so this will be a cold time to be reminded of how much running a household really entails. Funny, it was almost as if Tanner Dog knew last night that he wouldn't be seeing his "dad" for a while. He was even more clingy than usual. Muriel knows how clingy and golden retriever fit into one sentence.

On another note, today is a very sad day for our family. My 15 Y/O granddog, Dumas , is being euthanized. He has been a great friend to my son through so many life changing events. He was there for two marriages, one brutal divorce, a graduation from law school, the birth of two babies and he moved with my son so many times and always managed to adapt like a champ. During vacations and other times, Dumas would stay with us and he was such a grandma's boy! Dumas was a shepherd mix and was rescued from the pound when he was about 6 months old. He has been such a good, faithful friend to our family and we will miss him terribly. I have no idea how 2 and 3 year olds are going to handle this? So....RIP my Dumas Walker and grandma will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. I know Dennis will love seeing Dumas again.

Thank you for all your well wishes for today's surgery. I have come to know how powerful the prayers and good wishes from this group can be.


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Hey'all, so sorry to here about Dumas Ann, they are a part of the family. Congrats on the anniversary Bud. I'll keep your hubby in my prayers Ann, knee stuff is definitely no fun. Glad you got your power back Dawn and Judy, I'd really be in a pickle with no power, my everything is electric. Welp woke up to 12 degrees today and sposed to get near 40, but then expecting a little snow and colder temps Thursday. Have a great day all, chins up.

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Good afternoon everybody - I just got in from my time at the farm - we got more snow in the night - the heavy wet kind, so the horses were not out of their stables and they were not happy about it!

Judy - I am glad you spoke up in your group - it seems to me that a support group is where you are supposed to tell the truth so it can help you and the others in the same boat. And if you are not telling the truth you are hurting yourself and the others. You can not tell me that anyone who has been given a cancer diagnosis wasn't, at least for a moment, scared. BTW - did you mean to call it lunch cancer? or are you just starving?! because lunch cancer sounds pretty darn scary to me!

And Texas friends - I am so excited, and yes a little jealous, that you are going to get to meet each other! It would be so much fun to finally meet all the people here on the board! I lived in Texas once, for a short period of time. When I was first married my husband and I lived in Houston for 18 months.

Ann - your hubby is in my prayers - and I am so sorry to hear about Dumas. It is so hard to lose a family member.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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