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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 22 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It's supposed to get up into the mid 50's this afternoon. The north winds are supposed to be light today, then finally turn back to the south this evening.

There were still a few small patches of ice here and there, something I never like to see on a bike, but I made it to work fine. It is pretty chilly in the shop this morning, too. I need this break just to warm up in my office this morning.......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Well, although yesterday was an unbeliveable LONG day, I'm happy to report that my husband is doing well this morning. We got at the hospital at 6:30 yeaterday morning and it was almost midnight when I left. He had a couple of issues in recovery with shallow breathing that kept setting off the bells and whisyles, so he was in recover longer than normal. Then, when he was ready to leave recovery, there wasn't a vacant room on the floor, so it was more waiting. Then, when I got home I had trouble sleeping, so I'm all spent today!

It's very cool here this morning and I almost jumped up and down when I heard it's actually going to be 75 on Saturday!!! Can Spring finally be around the corner?

Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers regarding my day yesterday! I love all of you!!!


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Bud, nothing worse than being cold at work. Gather you have little or no heat in the shop where you work. Oh, but you're the guy who bikes in freezing temps if the wind doesn't blow so....lol

Ann that was definitely a LOOONNNGGG day. Glad things are o.k. now but bet bells and whistles yesterday were scary yesterday. Hope you have a few days off to tend to business like hospital visiting and transporting. How long will he be in the hospital?

Sorry I was so late coming in. Stan and I stayed up til after ten--rare for him. Consequently I didn't get up til 7:30 am. Had trouble getting up out of my chair and when I did, he'd already been in the office and had computer work for me. It after 11 now and I still haven't started the taxes. I made an appointment with the accountant on Fri afternoon to light a fire under myself to finish up so, see ya!


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Good morning everyone! Weather here is supposed to be beautiful here today in the low 70's and clear blue skies. What a nice change and yes, it looks like spring is here :)

Judy, sorry you have to still be working on those taxes. Most people don't consider things like that much fun but I sure do. Always been a "numbers" gal, plus it's probably the only talent I have anyway. The IRS doesn't look at mileage much anyway so don't worry about that.

Ann, I'm so happy your husbands surgery is completed and he's resting now. I assume he'll need physical therapy for a while. I have a friend who is having a hip replacement and will be in a rehab facility for two weeks at least.

My son and his girlfriend are having a wonderful time together. Last night he make some chips and salsa then cooked some shrimp and pasta while I made margarita's . She will be returning home on Sunday and there's no doubt he'll be heart broken. We are thinking about planning a trip from Mark and I to visit where she lives in Illinois. Small town of only 800 people but the cost of living is much lower there than California. Maybe we'll just sell my home and move there. But I certainly do not want to live with them. I want my own tiny little box :) It's still just in the talking stage but we shall see although selling my home won't be easy. The housing market is a joke now with all the foreclosures here, so if I get a buyer I'll be taking a huge loss.

This job I've been working on is driving me crazy. I somehow keep slipping through the cracks. They were supposed to send paperwork for training on the 31st of January and nothing yet. Plus when I call all I ever get is voice mail.....whoever invented those I don't like!!!!!!!

Well, the only other news is that I have to take my kitty in to get "fixed" on Tuesday. Poor baby :( I'm sure he'll be really mad at me for that!

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I have no idea what the temperature is my office is so far back I never make it outside anymore. I know we may have a chance at snow again tomorrow - global what.....

I just wanted to say that you reminded me I need to get my kitten an appointment for his well you know..... don't worry about it though - I can help you - Many years ago I had a cat and took her to get - well you know - and when I picked her up I told her I would "never never let that happen again" - and I didn't.

Hope I got a few chuckles out of that.


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The pound spayed My mocha before I got her so No worries there! glad to hear hubby is doing good Ann!!! Hang in there Michelle Judy and Bud and Annette!!

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Hi Bud, Ann, Judy, Michelle, Anette and Randy! And anyone else reading and not posting :)

I have checked the boards a couple times today just haven't posted. Well here I am. Pretty day here in Washington it is about 60 degrees and sunny here. Cant complain weather wise :D

Hope everyone is doing well

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Hey'all, woke up to 32 degrees today at 5:30AM, but supposed to cool back off tonight and dump a few more inches of snow, we could sure use it here. Got my dog, well you know, last week, I was hoping he might mellow out but no way. Worst about him is he's a chewer, he'll eat anything you put in front of him unless it's completely soaked in Bitter Apple. He is sooo adorable though. He's a mixed breed, part Corgi and looks like Border Collie too. Glad to hear that hubby is doin okay Ann, keep smilin all this is the life we live, and we gotta live it up so we can live it down later. Peace.

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