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Morning All! Only 61 in Key West but we're do for some nice weather this weekend.

Stan's gone on a job in AL. I missed him already when I got up this morning but this is when I get ALOT done. Over the years, I'd get up and run around and get the house tidy like I like it. But this morning, it's get those da#@ taxes done. Meet with the accountant on Friday. In the meantime, tackle the laundry and tidying so I can play with my orchids on Sunday. Yeahhh. Hope it really happens.

Have a great day everyone. I'll be popping in and out.


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Morning, yay for your days of progress Judy. 28 here this morn and already 3 inches on the ground but sposed to snow all day then almost clear up only to snow a few more inches over the weekend. Maybe get a foot of snow outta this, coolbeans. We really need the moisture since we supply a large portion of the west with water. Tis a heavy load to carry being such a little state with big jobs. LOL, happy day'all. Peace

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 31 degrees and clear without much wind this morning, and supposed to get up to 61 degrees this afternoon. But I drove to work rather than riding, since I'll be driving all the way to Waco right after work to pick up my new toy.

Have a great day, all!

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I am sure I speak for everyone here - you have come such a long way and your Mom would be astonished by the good you have accomplished. We send you hugs and love to shower upon her memory.

Unfortunately, some of us understand all too well what it means to lose our Moms to this.

Yes, a great day must be brewing. The sky is blue and it might get over 50 degrees!

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Donny, I did not know that about Wyoming supply water to other states. Interesting.

Bud, let me guess, you sold an old bike so the new toy is a new one? Inquiring minds want to know.

Good deal with the new volunteer Katie. And Happy Birthday to your Mom. Sounds like you're handling it. Everytime I hear you young women talk about the mom's you've lost, I think how hard it will be for my daughter even tho we live five hours apart now.


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Afternoon All.....

Judy, as soon as I heard it's supposed to warm up this weekend, I thought of you and how happy you're going to be! From your post, I can tell I was right. It was 40 degrees when I was driving to work this morning and our high today is only making it to 61. It's sunny and beautiful outside but the wind is cold and it rips right through you. It's supposed to be 71 here on Saturday and 75 on Sunday. That will be so nice. With days like that, I don't have to pay FPL for heat or air and will just fling all the windows open.

Katie...I'm thinking of you today (as I do every day) and sending special thoughts your way!

Bud...New toy????

Dahnee....Have fun in the snow. Snow can be good when you need moisture!

As for me, I'm exhausted! I have to get up an hour early to get the pets taken care of before I leave for work. Hubby usually does this after I leave and this has been a reminder of how much he does for me. After working 9 hours, I have been heading to the hospital, staying for about 3 hours and then heading home. Once home, it's pet duty all over again, a quick shower and then trying to stay awake long enough to get in bed and fall asleep. His surgery recovery is coming along great. He's leaving the hospital tomorrow and will be spending 10 days in a rehab facility before coming home. The great part of this is that the facility is only 5 minutes from home and work PLUS....I can take the Tanner Dog to visit him. Tanner is a wreck from being away from his "Daddy." He loves Mommy but he has a special bond with his Dad. I actually called the hospital early this morning and put the phone on speaker so Tanner could hear and talk....lol.

So, hope everyone has a gret day today! Take care, stay warm and thing SPRING!!!


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