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Morning All! Slow morning for me. It was 57 on my temp reader and 61 on computer. Don't care. Am just tired of waking up to feeling cold.

Delivered the MEI tax stuff to the accountant yesterday and she looked at me with a question and said "that the business stuff?" I explained I hadn't done it (first time ever) and she smiled and said she like to do them together so she could look over the big picture. Makes sense but I DID NOT KNOW. I bought time until Tues delivery sigh.

Have pleasant plans for this afternoon. A lady who does shell art on window panes is coming by to take some shells I've been collecting for years at beaches we visited. I really am downsizing, especially finding homes for things that mean something to me. I used to do shell art and have offered to show her the flowers I used to make and share some of the problems I encountered and solved. Really looking forward to this.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning Judy. I decided I should check in this morning. Just haven't really been up to it this past couple of weeks. I got my appointment moved up from Monday to this past Thursday. I had some of my concerns explained and that made me feel better. She also told me to get back on my alergy medication and that has helped a lot. Stomache issue still bothering me but not nearly as bad. I think the alergies have caused the post nasal drip and trying to handle that got the GERD going bad. Had two blood tests one for Thyroid and another for a Bacteria in the stomache. I keep hoping that is my problem and an antibiotic will take care of it. Not thrilled about having that thing put down my throat to have a look see.

Anyway I am feeling some better. Trying to get my energy level back up so I can do more of my fitness and walking. I just can't seem to lose any more weight no matter how close I watch what I eat or exercise. That is one of the reasons for the thyroid test. I will get answers to that on Monday. Then have more blood work for the usual things.

I heard it rain during the night. It didn't last long but there is supposed to be more on the way. We have had about 4 days and sunshine and warm temperatures. It sure was nice.

I am glad to see that Bruce is keeping up with Marisa. I'm afraid I have been pretty lax. Just haven't felt like doing a whole lot so spent a lot of time catching up on some reading and sewing projects. I am going to try to do better about checking in. It doesn't take long to lose track of what is going on with everyone here.

Well it is time to check facebook then hop in the shower. I have a pancake breakfast to cook this morning for my neighbors. It is a commit ment I made a few months ago. I am looking forward to doing it now that I am feeling a little better. Take care all and have a wonderful weekend.

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Lily, my husband had that procedure years ago when they first learned about the ulcer/bateria link. He did have the bacteria and a couple of doses of antibiotics did the trick. He has had some bouts with reflux since then but very rarely since he went of zantax. His doctor insisted he still had to take it but finally he stopped. No more problems. The only times he has it now, he knows why--eating too much too late at night.

Hope you feel better soon.


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