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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Have to admit I took advantage of the fact that it's slow here on weekends to come in late. I went to fv on fb and harvested first and checked out the recent posts there, then here. Bud, your toy is awesome and original (?). It reminded me of the days when my husband and I used to fish in the lakes up north in a refurbished red canoe. Of course, it had a little electric motor on the back lol. My husband would do anything to get us off the banks and out on the water.

I'm beat. Had a good day yesterday. Although my shade room is still a wreck, I got out there long enough to move plants around so I'm looking out my window at blooms instead of plants with dead sticks from spent blooms. I had a great time with the shell art lady who came to take my shells. She's also doing some paper art on window panes and plans to make me something special. She even brought me a small boquet of flowers. I knew I picked the right person to "donate" my shells to.

I wound up the day going out for dinner with neighbors. They go much later than I prefer. When I got home, I laid on the couch to "wind down" with the TV and fell asleep. I got up around 11 and went to bed and right back to sleep. Today I'm wondering. Give myself another day off or jump into the taxes. Hummmmm.

The weather! Went to bed with the heater and comforter on. Woke up sweating and turned the heater off and threw the comforter off me. It says 67 now. We're having a heat wave.

Hope you all have a good day. Ann, how are you? I'll check on fb.


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Good morning, everyone! I can identify with downsizing, Judy. I've been doing a lot of that lately, myself. I hope you're feeling better soon, Lillian. How are you doing, Ann? Hanging in there, I hope?

It's dark, dreary, misty, and 55 degrees here. It's supposed to clear off and get up to 65 degrees this afternoon, but with a howling north wind as the next front comes in. I hope to take at least a short ride this afternoon.

For those who haven't seen it on facebook, here's my new recumbent. Like my other recumbents, it has pedals and a reclining seat. I haven't found the wheels, though.




It's a Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Propel. The Propel version has a pedal drive to move it, as well as a rudder operated with a lever by your left fingertips to steer it.

When I lived in west Texas in the eighties, there was a kayak bass club there. I saw them often on area lakes, and talked to several of them many times, while I was in my bass boat. Fishing from a kayak always looked like a blast, but way too much work if you have to both paddle and fish with your arms. Now that there's a pedal version, I couldn't resist trying one.

that explains its operation better.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey everyone! Its been a LONG time since i posted here... Life has just been keeping me busy and plus alot of you are on FB and i try to keep up there. Judy, i will take your 67 over my 34 anyday! I am sooo sick of winter. One would think that after living in WI y whole life, that I would be used to it by now. :) My husband and the kids were gone for the weekend visiting his parents, I stayed back to work and go to our annual "POLAR PLUNGE" the polar plunge in a huge fundraiser for the special Olympics. Different businesses and people in the city and surrounding area get teams together and raise money and then jump in to the lake. CRAZY! i have not jumped in, but totally support it! its fun to see some of the crazy costumes people come up with. Well I need to get some cleaning done!


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We are celebrating here in Minnesota. Another day we made it to the 30's and the sun is shining. I took my 2 dogs to the dog park and there must have been a hundred dogs there! It was so gorgeous.

Have fun

Donna G

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Donna, great to "see" you here. So glad you had a nice day. You deserve it in the cold country. Sorry about your cold weather too Shelli.

Shelli, how great is that. I've heard of the polar club people who do it just to do it but not for charity. That's great. I had a mentally handicapped godson who died last year so am thrilled they do it for the Special Olympics.


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