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eric the red -cows have udders you know

eric byrne

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Hi Buddies,

I swear this is a true story.

Last year I took my wife Sally for a drive through some of Scotlands most beautiful countryside,on passing a field my wife said "O look at the lovely cows in the field over there"well I may be a lifelong urbanite,but I do know some things about rural life,so I couldnt resist correcting her mistake,Sally said I,these are not cows,they are bullocks

adding,wheres the udders,she replied oh they are up the field a bit.

Did you hear about the guy who wanted to be a circus performer,well he went into the big top for a job interview with the ringmaster.

Well said the ringmaster what can you do?

Watch said the man,he started to flap his arms furiously up and down and his feet left the ground ,he took off upwards then flew a complete revolution of the big top he then landed gently in front of the ringmaster.

The ringmaster looked at him and said"Can you do anything other than bird impressions"

The bank has just been robbed and the police are interviewing the teller.

Policeman- Can you tell me what happened?

Teller - Yes,I have just been robbed by an elephant and a kangaroo.

Polliceman- Describe what happened

Teller - Well the elephant came up to the counter and told me this is a stick up,put all the money on the countertop,which I did,he then slid his trunk through my screen and sucked up all the money,and blew it into the kangaroos pouch,they then hopped and ran out the door.

Policeman- Would you recognise them if you seen them again?

Teller - -No

Policeman- Why not ?

Teller- Because they had silk stockings over their heads.

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