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Monday's Air


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Morning all! Still in the 50s this morning. Will be the rest of the week.

Good to see you ts and three of my favorite guys on the Sunday Air yesterday. The weekends are often very slow. Sometimes so slow it's just me lol.

Slept almost ten hours again last night. Have been feeling a lot of fatigue for someone who is NED. Guess it's the chemo but this should be my best week. Have an infusion on Wednesday. I had to remind myself I had the bad almost choking sometimes cough already before my NED scans. Onc said it was allergies. All in all, not feeling my best but o.k.

Surprise, surprise the tree is finally coming down. No we're not chopping down a tree, Judy finally starting taking down the Christmas tree yesterday. When I told neighbors at dinner last night that I was taking it down, a couple of the women were shocked. I told them since my dx, I reserved the right to take my tree down whenever I want. I don't have to abide by those kind of rules anymore. So there!

Have a great day everyone.


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It's 32 degrees here in North Carolina this morning. We have a storm coming up from the Gulf of Mexico but it seems to have our weathermen baffled! They can't decide if we're getting rain, snow or nothing. I guess we'll know tomorrow when it gets here.

Have a great day all!


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Good morning, everyone! March marches in.

It's 45 degrees with a steady rain here. It's just supposed to get colder as the day goes.

I might have driven to work even if it hadn't been raining this morning. I'm a tired camper, after yesterday's 125 miles on the bicycle. A good bit of it was against a howling south wind, and I was pretty wiped out by the time we got turned north again. I rode with a couple of recumbent friends the entire distance, and we had a blast talking, whenever I wasn't trying to wheeze my way up too big a hill.

It's chemo day for Rose. Hope you feel better soon, Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning everyone. I trust that you all had a good weekend. Bud you inspire me. I just wish I could get myself going as good as I want on my exercise but something always seems to interfer.

Judy I know what you mean about those alergies they have really been kicking my butt this year. Yesterday was not the best day. For two nights I had that tickle and coughed a lot. So not the best sleep and that left me with t hat sleepy head feeling for two days and then to top it off my pulse keeps going down to 40 and I panic. Then it goes back up. Doc had increased my blood pressure meds because the top number was still high when I go there. Thing is I tried to tell her I have White Coat syndrom but she raised in anyway. Yesterday morning it dropped to 105/56 and my pulse was down to 40. That set the stage for a bad day. I worried about it all day and along with the sleepy feeling I just didn't feel like doing anything but I was too restless to sit and read until late in the day.

I finally settled down and read a lot then went to bed early. I had a good nights sleep and do feel some better this morning and pulse and bp were much better this morning. I think a lot of my problem is worry about my mamogram. I will be so glad when it comes back and is hopefully God willing normal.

I got a phone call yesterday from Johnny's niece. His brother Harold passed away on the 23rd of February. That was the 4th aniversary of my ex husbands death. Not a good day for a lot of people I love.

Harold had been bed ridden for nearly 10 years and before that he had been disabled for another 10. He had had a massive heartattack in 1990 that had left him with brain damage. He was such a dear man. I met him when he was first married to Carol. Johnny had intorduced us. Later when my brother died he and Carol came to my mom's house and just held me that night. I hadn't seen or talked to them in 14 years but they were there for me. Later when they came back into my life I felt like a part of my family had been restored. I know he is at peace now but he will be greatly missed.

Well I need to finish my breakfast before it is too cold to eat then try to walk. I still need your prayers for my mamogram and to get my bp and pulse regulated. That is some scary stuff but then again nothing like what most of you have had to deal with.

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