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Thursday's air


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Since I am up, here goes. It's not even 9:00 am out here in the gray PNW.

I got up early to call my guy at SSDI. I hadn't heard anything from anyone since applying 3 weeks ago. Was expecting paperwork from the reviewer. Turns out my claim was approved 2 days ago and now I just have to wait till July to start receiving benefits. First check - August!

Good thing I got a big tax return and a small CD coming to maturity. This was the SOP - no early decision on onset or payments as I anticipated because I did work enough for the prior 11 out of 15 months since original dx to disqualify myself, and every month since recurrence - the real eligibility date for event. All in all, not too difficult a process and glad to not have any drama related to the process.

We will be minding our pennies and keeping an eye out for blessings of cash - I've already found a ten and a one! Absolutely loose and free.

May everyone receive abundance daily, even if it is just in smiles.

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Good morning, everyone! My work computer was down during my first break, so I didn't get to check in earlier.

That's great news, ts, and a load off your mind, I bet.

It was 40 degrees as I pedaled to work this morning. It's supposed to reach 65 degrees this afternoon. This is the kind of day where my riding wardrode will need to be a lot different for the ride home than it was this morning.

Good luck with your surgery, Heidi! Have a great day, all!

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Well, it's long past morning so I'm sending out some afternoon AIR today.

Bud, you're having a heat wave today. 65 would be great cycling weather for you, comapred to some of those low temperatures you've been dealing with!!!

TS...congrats on getting a thumbs up for SSDI. I can definitely relate to looking for any loose money that may be found. There have been a few days lately that loose change under the cushion sounds like a windfall!!! Since losing my really good job in 2007 and being out of work for 6 months afterwards, I still am playing catchup. Amazing how long it takes to catch up on a few months of falling behind.

Like others, I'm saying prayers for our Heidi and hoping all goes smooth with her surgery!!!

One more day until Friday!!! This week has actually gone pretty fast for a change. I'm looking forward to celebrating my middle son's birthday on Saturday with my family. He's always been my pizza junkie so we're having a pizza party at my house. We did this last year and everyone had a lot of fun. Everyone brings a couple of their favorite toppings, all chopped and ready to go. I have the dough, sauce and cheese. Ella loved putting the toppings on everyone's pizza before we popped it in the oven. She was just two last year and she did a great job! My husband said his was the best pizza he had eaten since moving from New York in 1988. Of course, anything Ella does is wonderful from Nana and Pop-Pop's perspective!!! This year, Jude will be old enough to help.

Hope everyone has a nice afternoon.


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OMG the day went by and I didn't even remember I never opened the air. Thanks ts and Bud and Ann for chiming in. Guess I have to say good evening everyone.

ts hooray on the SSID. Bud don't overheat on that ride home. And Ann, have a great family time with the pizza making. Sounds terrific.

I had a ladies lunch at the Geiger Key Marina today and was determined to get computer work done before I went. I knew I wouldn't be doing much of anything when I got home. Haven't lol. One of the women mentioned she wished they would turn down the music because it was so loud. I suggested they may be trying to drown us out.

Had a good day, steroids from yesterday still hanging in. Give me a day or two, yawn.......

Have a good evening everyone.


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