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Question about switching doctors/hospitals


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Does anyone have any experience with Cooper Hospital or any of their affiliated oncologists?

We are experiencing nightmare conditions at another hospital where my mom has been admitted and want to move her. She has now contracted pneumonia and is getting weaker in this hospital instead of better...I'm afraid a feeding tube is right around the corner. We have been hanging in there because my mom is happy with her oncologist who is only affiliated with this particular hospital. He has been aggressive. But this hospital is truly a nightmare and this is getting worse every day.

We are at a loss right now. :cry: Any help you can give is always appreciated.

Take care,


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I know what you mean about leaving a hospital. I left one in Burlington County and went to Pennsylvania Hospital. I do know of someone who was treated at Cooper by a Dr. Saul, but that was for Ovarian cancer. She was stage 3 over 3 years ago.

Don't know if that helps, but good luck.


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Hi Laurie,

My husband is being treated at Kennedy's new Cancer Center, he had his radiation at Washington Township and his Onocologist is at Stratford, his name is Dr. Nathan Freed. He will have his last Chemo next week, and depending on the Dr.s plans for after care we may be going across the bridge also. So far they have just suggested scans every three months but a lot can happen in three months.

I think the differance in the other hospitals is they have specialist for each type of cancer . One does only Lung and so on. His Dr. treats everybody all types of Cancer here.

I had surgery at Pennsylvania Hosp. two years ago and I can't say enough good things about them, that would be my choice, or Fox Chase which would be more difficult for us to get to but they are great.

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