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Possible lung cancer


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As far as SS, since there seems to be some differences mentioned, the best thing I can suggest is to call your local office (you can call the 800 # and get the phone # and address or possibly get it on line) and ask if you need an appt. and actually go in and see someone in person.

I do know you must have no income for SSI and that the SSDI has a back to work program that allows you to keep your benefits while either undergoing training for a new job or trying your old job to see if that would work for your new altered abilities.

But as I said all the other stuff it might be better to actually talk to a live person in person. The government is rife with individuals that don't have all the information or give out old information (since the laws change frequently) and at least when you talk to them in person they can show it to you in black and white.

I usually have to call them once a year to find out any new information or to give them new info.


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