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Time Flies


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I thought I'd share this here, since you all were such a big part of this day five years ago:

Carolyn is FIVE YEARS OLD today. :) I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. She's so big, and so amazing. And she's a FIRECRACKER just like her Gramma Caro. :)

I remember how much it meant to me that you all were so excited about her arrival. You were posting bets on when she'd arrive and whether she'd be a boy or a girl. You all STILL mean a lot to me.

Anyway... Happy Birthday to my Carolyn!

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Val, you know I always remember your special little girl's b-day. No cards because, as I explained before, may be a difficult explanation for you to make. But I remember! So I am sure your Carolyn has had a GREAT b-day as you are an extraordiary mama. I'll catch up later with 'stuff' ~ but Val ~ you've come a long way baby! May all 4 of you experience many happy times. You're very special.



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So sorry I didn't remember Carolyn's birthday, Val. I hope she had a really fun day! Of course, I know you made sure that her day was both fun and special. Yes, my friend, time does fly and I can't believe this little girl of yours is five already. Sometimes, you just want to stay awake and make sure you don't miss anything while you're sleeping.

Ella is now three and will be starting preschool for two mornings a week in the fall. The thought of her being four and in preschool just seems impossible.

I remember when Carolyn was born and know what a precious gift she was!

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