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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was cloudy, windy, and 49 degrees as I left for work this morning. It's supposed to get up to 59 degrees this afternoon.

I really wanted to ride to work this morning, but with it being Rose's chemo day, and with dire predictions of storms this afternoon, I decided to just drive.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Have a great Monday, all!

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Morning Bud, you beat me to it this morning, lol.

Still only 54 and cloudy at 9:00 am in NTX. Don't know about the rest of ya'll, but today I am gonna make a few phone calls and then sit and veg in front of the computer the rest of the day. Maybe look up some new recipes for my "recipe box".

I hope the weather is what you want where ever you all are and that you all have a blessed day.

Thinking of you, Heidi!


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Good morning, all. Today is actually going nice for a Monday. You all must know that me being alright with the fact that it's Monday is a really big deal...LOL

Bud...Too bad that storms are in your forecast. I think we're supposed to have some rain move in here mid-week, so it may be the same system. It's supposed to be 78 a couple of days this week. I just stepped out of my office a minute ago and the warm sun feels absolutely wonderful. I think my hands may actually feel warm today, for the first time since Christmas. Please tell Rose that I'm thinking of her and sending good thoughts her way.

Dawn...Are you another recipe junkie? I love searching down recipes online. I have a ton of cookbooks and I always swear that I'm going to get rid of most all of them. I'll have to send you a list and see if there are any you might like to have and I'll be happy to swnd them your way.

Lots of changes going on here at work. I'm going to have more responsibilities but no increase in pay. I now work 8-5, which I prefer but am going to start working 9-6...ugh. But, with so many people out of work, I guess all I can do is grin and bear it right now. Hopefully, business will pick up and I'll get a pay increase at some point. I really think people are over the barrel right now, as there are so many people looking for jobs and bosses know how easily someone can be replaced.

So...I'm grinning!!!


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I am always looking at recipes. I have now and have had a ton of those small recipe books you can pick up at the check out in the grocery stores. I periodically go through and sell them to 1/2 Priced Books! I keep the ones that look as though I may use them. I have two Good Housekeeping (red and white checkerboard on the outside) cookbooks, one from the early 60's and a newer one (early 2000's).

I love recipe books and can get lost in them for hours.


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Try allrecipes.com a great site for cooks who like to improvise. It's my favorite, I rarely use a hard cookbok anymore. Oh and yes I do cook. When I move away from home I missed my mom's cooking so much I started calling her all the time saying, how do you make this, how do you do that? Not so much for the cleaning up but enjoy the cooking. Mid fifties here today, completely cloudless skies, no wind, makes me think it may be the twilight zone. Have a good day all.


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