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January 2,2004

Positive attitude can lead to enjoyment of a situation that could otherwise be stressful. That is just one of the lessons I have learned over the past few days.

I was snowed in for several days without power or heat. All in all I managed quite well under the circumstances. I decided that when the opportunity came I would go into town and get some additional supplies just in case it happens again. Instead of doing that I put it off waiting for my niece to go with me. Big mistake!!

Pat has a heart of gold but she is a procrastinator. If she can put something off she does. She has a greater need to go into town than I do. Her power is still off. She needs supplies and has business to take care of. Still with a window of two days she put off going.. This morning I woke up to see once more the snow falling. Going down to Redding today is out of the question.

I could let the situation cause me alarm or frustration but I will not do that. I see it as an opportunity and a blessing. It was not supposed to snow again until tonight. It came about 14 hours early. It could have came only 6 hours early and caught us on the road and left us stranded!! I am believing more everyday that I am being looked after and guided by both Johnny and God.

I am not sure how long the snow will last this time. It could possibly be over soon or it could be another several days. The power could go off again. If it does I will make out fine. It was Pat's idea to move here and I followed with a lot of reservations. I am quicky starting to believe that I am better equiped for this life style than she is. Should the power go off again I will tuck myself in and enjoy the beauty and the solitude. The time will be spent letting my mind wander and documenting my experiences once more. I find that by relaxing in semi darkness (at least this time I will have batteries for light) my thoughts lead to productive ideas.

I have taken my story "The Christmas Tree Saga" and made a few changes. Not in content but the number of words. It now looks more professional. I have found a place where I may be able to have it published. If so I will be happy and should the day ever come where I may make a little profit from my writing I will dedicate at least 5% to our message board. I know life has a purpose. Maybe I have suffered so much loss so I could find mine. I am hoping that I am right about that. Believing it helps soothe my battered spirit.

So I say that I have learned new lessons. They are: Adversity makes me stronger, take joy wherever you can find it, depend more on myself than others, I am much stronger than I ever would have thought myself to be and above all life is filled with lessons.

I have paid a heavy price for my love for Johnny. At times I have asked God why. No matter what the reason I know one thing for sure as I may have said once before, the love we shared was and is priceless!! On that note I will close and say that may this new year bring us all peace, love, joy and enlightenment!

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